A FREE Guided Visualisation To Help You Manage Your Labour

Click here to access the audio meditation – “The Golden Thread Sunset Breath” connecting your mind and breath for an easier labour

written and spoken by Kati Edwards MSc, BSc, Dip HB (KGH) (Founder Of The “Birth With Love” Birth Preparation Course, Teacher trainer for KG Hypnobirthing and Birth Doula) (17 mins)

This FREE guided visualisation is a powerful tool you can use to connect your mind to your breath. In labour, this is one tool of many you can use to stay calm and in control by keeping you focused and relaxed.

Get comfy, turn off your phone and take some time to relax whilst listening to the audio

I used this same visualisation in the natural, unmedicated births of both of my children including the birth that featured on the groundbreaking birth education documentary BBC1’s Childbirth All Or Nothing and it has been super helpful for hundred’s of my clients also.

Practice it in pregnancy. This way the visualisation will become entirely natural by the time you give birth.

Please get in touch if you are looking to prepare for your baby’s birth with Hypnobirthing. I’d love to hear from you. My “Birth With Love” Birth Preparation course gives you all you and your birth partner need to know to stack the odds in your favour to have a calm, safe and empowering birth for you and your baby.

PS The course I undertook to teach birth preparation was ‘KG Hypnobirthing’ It is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and I am a proud to be one of the KG Hypnobirthing Trainers teaching the Diploma in HB(KGH).

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