A Guided Visualisation Tool To Help You Manage Your Labour

CLICK THIS LINK FOR ACCESS TO “The Golden Thread Sunset Breath” connect your mind and breath for an easier labour

written and spoken by Kati Edwards (KG Hypnobirthing Teacher and Trainer and doula)

(17 mins – LINK BELOW)

This guided visualisation is powerful tool to help you relax completely in labour.

The visualisation connects your mind to your breath giving your mind something to do to help you manage the surges/ waves/ contractions (whatever you want to call them.)

Practice it in pregnancy at least 7 times whilst relaxing completely. This way the visualisation will become entirely natural by the time you give birth.

It is one of the many tools you can use to help you relax during labour which is one of the keys to a positive birth experience.

I suggest creating a TOOLKIT for use in labour so you have lots of tools to draw from depending on what you need at the time. Your toolkit may include:

  • the up-breath for the first stage of labour (and corresponding visualisations)
  • the down-breath for the second stage (and corresponding visualisations)
  • positive affirmations which you have practiced
  • specific movements that can help baby move down and make labour easier and shorter

I wish you all the love and luck for a positive birth experience this time around… whether you are a first time mum or you’ve given birth before and are planning for a very different experience, feel free to get in contact with me as I support parents to be to have the best possible birth experience

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