The KG Hypnobirthing Course with the award winning Northern KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Trainer, Kati Edwards

I‘m a KGHypnobirthing Teacher and Teacher Trainer and a Doula UK recognised Birth Doula based in the beautiful Northern Town of Ramsbottom, Manchester.

Teaching new mums to have a great birth experience has to be one of the most rewarding jobs ever. I tend to have two kind of clients:

  1. First time mums who want to be more confident they’ll know what to do when their little one starts to arrive and
  2. mums-to-be who have previously had a traumatic birth experience and want a very different experience this time around

To see more information about the ways I can help you have a positive birth experience and stay in control, see my booking page here.

I’ve used the techniques to give birth to my two daughters Matilda and Seraphina in 2011 and 2015. When I was first pregnant I was really scared. I’d seen birth on TV and heard the stories and it didn’t look nice. But throughout my pregnancy I was incredibly lucky to meet various people who showed me a different way and I will be forever grateful. 

And now I help others to do the same. Since the outbreak of coronavirus learning these skills to stay calm, focused and in control in pregnancy and labour have never been more important.

I felt so passionate about this, I allowed the birth of my second child to feature on the groundbreaking BBC1 birth education documentary ‘Childbirth All Or Nothing’. To this day, people still contact me to say that this programme changed the way they thought about birth and enabled them to have a much more positive experience than they otherwise would have done.

I’ve also featured on BBC Five Live as well as BBC Family Education discussing how women can have better birth experiences after trauma.

Before I was a birthkeeper, I worked as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS for 8 years. I specialised in working with psychological techniques for anxiety and pain management so birth education was a lateral sidestep. 

The skills I teach are not just invaluable for your pregnancy, labour and birth but your parenting too. 

Please check out my testimonials if you’d like to see the experiences of other mums and dads who have worked with me.

To book me to help you have a positive birth experience, click this link.

One of my clients, first-time mum Anouska explains how KG Hypnobirthing helped her have a great Birthing experience…


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