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By being here, I expect you’re exploring your options of how to have a better birth experience.

When I say better, I mean better than the last time you gave birth which wasn’t an experience you’d like to repeat or, if it’s your first time, better than the experiences of other people you know.

Maybe people have told you that you really should get an epidural straight away but you’re really not sure?

Something tells you there might be another way.

Perhaps someone has told you that ‘Hypnobirthing’ is brilliant and you really should do it?

Perhaps you are feeling really nervous about the birth and just want to be relaxed?

People come to me with different stories but always with one aim; to remain calm and in control during the births of their babies. They don’t want to give birth like the women you tend to see on TV who tend to be scared and unprepared.


I help women understand how they can have better birth experiences so they can start parenthood feeling strong knowing they’ve prepared for the birth to the best of their ability.

There is a lot of information out there and my clients want help and guidance in finding what they need to know to give birth calmly and confidently.

On my course, you’ll learn what you need to know to have the best possible birth for you and your baby. We leave no stone unturned.

If you’re planning a natural birth, you’ll learn the tools to tap into that part of yourself that already knows how to give birth to your baby.

Your innate wisdom.

My work centres on helping women just like you to tap into this ancient wisdom.


The course I teach helps you to release your body’s natural pain-relieving hormones, endorphins, said to be 200 times stronger than morphine, so you can manage the sensations naturally and effectively.

Many women say the natural high they get is incredible!

And as a Doula, I’ve seen this many times. And it’s amazing!

And as a Hypnobirthing mum, I’ve experienced it. Twice. And it’s incredible!

And I can’t wait to teach you also!


You’ll learn how to maximise the hormones you need for your birth to progress effectively, Oxytocin. It’s the hormone of love. It’s also called the ‘shy’ hormone because it gets scared off easily, so we are going to learn how to produce oxytocin in abundance and we’ll also learn what scares it away which will improve your chances of giving birth comfortably!

You’ll receive a complete mental toolkit so that by the time your baby arrives you’ll be well prepared, relaxed and excited about putting the tools you’ve been learning into practice.

You’ll get everything you need to know to help yourself have the very best birth experience possible.

Knowing how to navigate the maternity system enables you to make the choices that are right for you so you’ll feel in control giving you the best birth on the day.

You”ll be confident to ask the right questions, so you don’t get swept up on the conveyor belt of care; the one-size all system that doesn’t suit everyone.


I teach KG Hypnobirthing (KGH), not only because it works, but because it’s the kind of hypnobirthing that is recognised in most UK hospitals.

The course I undertook to teach KG Hypnobirthing is recognised by the Royal College of Midwives.

I’m also a KG Hypnobirthing Trainer so I teach new KGH teachers this enables me to have an even bigger impact on making women’s birth experiences better.

KG Hypnobirthing is ancient wisdom all packaged up to give you, the modern busy mama, EVERYTHING you need to have the most positive birth experience possible.

If you have any doubts, fears or negativity surrounding birth, you’ll learn to release them so you can be positive, confident and relaxed when you’re baby decides to arrive. Fear is not something we need in the birth room. It creates tension which stops your muscles work working effectively and makes it harder to birth your baby creating more pain. We’ll be releasing fear and actively choosing to think positively.

You’ll learn techniques to manage the sensations calmly and effectively such as birth breathing techniques and specific visualisations giving your mind something constructive to do.

pagan altar

As an Independent Practitioner I can recommend the very best services to you. I’m not tied up with what I am and am not “allowed” to say


Most people don’t question the conveyor belt of care that’s on offer but if you’re the questioning sort, like me, you’ll want to be in possession of the facts so you can make your own decisions to make your baby’s birth flows as smoothly as possible.

I offer a FREE 1:1 session either in person or on Skype so we can get to know each other, and you can make an informed choice to decide whether the benefits of the course are going to be something worth investing in!

All courses I run are 10-12 hours. We generally do it over 4 sessions, each between 2 1/2 – 3 hours depending on how many questions you ask! Any less and you’re getting short changed and I don’t believe that’s fair.

I run private 1:1 bespoke courses – £495

With 1:1 courses, I am very flexible and they can be help on weekdays, evenings or weekends. It is usual for birth partners to attend too. You’re in this together and it’s essential that they are fully clued up on how best to help you. Believe me, you don’t want to have to babysit a birth partner who hasn’t got a clue how to help you. You have enough to concentrate on birthing your baby.

Weekend Group Course Dates (Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester) – £245

January 2018 SOLD OUT

February 2018 SOLD OUT

March 31/ April 1 2018 SOLD OUT

April 28/29 SOLD OUT

June 2/3 SOLD OUT

July 7/8 SOLD OUT

August 11/12        3 places left

September   8/9        3 places left

October 6/7       3 places left

November   3/4       3 places left

December    8/9       3 places left

Book on soon to reserve your space!


Alternatively, if you do not wish to pay for a hypnobirthing teacher but wish for someone to talk to, to make sure you’re making the decisions that are right for you, I charge £25 an hour on a consulation basis by telephone. I don’t make decisions for you but I can help you make your own decision.

Examples of questions that have been asked in the past are:

  • Should I be induced?
  • Am I understanding the breathing and am I doing it right?
  • Do I go for a natural birth or should I have an elective caesarian section?
  • Should I go for a home birth or a hospital birth?
  • How can I avoid intervention?
  • How can I get my partner to be more on board?


With Love and Super Birthing Vibes,

Kati x



KG Hypnobirthing

Here is one of my clients, first-time mum Anouska explaining how Hypnobirthing helped her have a really great experience birthing her beautiful baby boy…


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