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Why Would Someone Hire A Doula?

People want doulas for all kinds of different reasons:

It may be you don’t have any specific worries or doubts but just want someone extra who knows about birth to support you

Maybe you know your birth partner will be really amazing but just doesn’t know that much about birth yet so you’d like some extra support

Maybe you know already that your chosen partner is not going to be all that great and you want someone who will stay super calm to support you

Perhaps your family live away and you’d really like someone who understands to walk with you on your birth journey

Perhaps you’re struggling to set up the birth you want and would like some extra support going through your choices and affirming what it is that you want

Perhaps you’d like someone to walk the dog whilst you give birth and you just don’t think the dog walker would understand what’s going on!

A doula is the icing on the cake and the cherry on top.

Whatever your reason is, there is a doula for you!

And it would be interesting to know if I’m the right doula for you!

I’m down with all kinds of births; planned c-sections, epidurals, hospital births, home births, births in birth centres.

I can make you aware of the choices available to you and ask questions that encourage you to listen to and trust your intuition.

I truly believe women are strong and you should be supported in your choices and that everything possible should be done to enable you to get the birth you want.

I can help you to steer a course of your own making, rather than becoming lost in the system.

Knowing your rights, the right questions to ask and where to get the answers can be really helpful when preparing for birth.

Creating an environment that’s conducive to birth is SO important.

Making sure you feel informed and ready is essential.

And just to say again, I will be fully supportive of your choices, wherever and however you choose to give birth.er than become lost in a system.

If you think we could be a good fit, do contact me to arrange an interview:-)

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