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Noise In Labour: Will You Say Boo to a Goose or Roar Like A Lion?

For some women, the noise we make in labour may be one of the top birth concerns. Maybe we don’t want to make too much noise or the ‘wrong’ noises. Perhaps we are concerned what others think.

But the truth is noise may be a part of the labour process and until we’re in labour, we don’t know what kind of noises we’re going to make.

Cultures differ as to what is deemed normal even though our physiological responses may be the same. Different women make different noises; whilst some are very quiet, some hum, some exhibit low moaning, groaning, mooing, roaring like a lion or even swearing.

Despite having 2 home births, I was much quieter during my first birth than my second and I sometimes wonder if my embarrassment or inhibition actually made the process longer. Embarrassment can inhibit the process; the worry we’re somehow not doing it right can inhibit the flow of oxytocin, sometimes dubbed the shy hormone or the hormone of love.

So it’s really important to ‘go with the flow’; to not hold back or worry what others might think.

Being able to just switch off from the outside world so you can fully focus on what your body is doing to birth your baby is really important.

We may have heard about so called ‘silent births’. It’s a term sometimes attributed to Scientologists and there were rumours Katie Holmes, wife of Tom Cruise was encouraged to have such a birth. And yet even L. Ron Hubbard himself claims this does not mean literal silence. It’s more about providing a quiet environment conducive to the birthing process.

So if other people in the birth space refrain from making noise, making jokes, asking unnecessary questions; it allows the mother to switch off the neo-cortex, the thinking part of the brain so her body can do it’s thing . It’s a question of respecting her birth space and the birthing process.

The Royal College of Midwives produced a document ‘Making A Noise’ suggesting midwives encourage women to make the noises that come naturally and help women to feel making noise is ok.

So whether you roar like a lion or moo like a cow, if you need to say boo to that goose, make sure you can!

Noise in Labour is one of the sub-modules in the Birth You In Love ‘Empower Yourself’ birth preparation course. If you’re thinking about doing an antenatal course, you are welcome to book a Free 30 minute discovery call, to see if this course is the right one to prepare you for your special day.

Further reading
Making Noise http://www.rcmnormalbirth.org.uk/making-a-noise/

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