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Kati is leading #GroovyBumps: The Pregnancy Dance Campaign

#GroovyBumps is the pregnancy dance campaign to Get Pregnant People Dancing, Having Fun and Preparing For An Informed, Positive Birth.

Have you ever thought about how pregnant mums are missing out on the fun especially since lockdown?

There’s been no going out.

No clubs.

No parties.

No dancing.

No festivals.

No meeting other pregnant mums.

Imagine your world, where you could still have fun, meet other likeminded mums and dance to cool tunes whilst learning the moves and the tips to help your baby to be born.

My name is Kati Edwards and I am on a mission to bring together pregnant mums who haven’t lost their desire to dance but also want to plan for a really positive birth experience.

I have a personal connection to this because 10 years ago when I was first pregnant, I went to some antenatal activities like pregnancy yoga (and I do love yoga) but I wanted to do something more exciting as well and some more opportunity for connection and I’m hoping this is something you care about too.

Over the next 6 weeks, I am going to be leading the #groovybumps campaign. This is specifically targeted to pregnant mums who love dancing especially to techno, drum and bass and anything funky and want to know which dance moves they can do to help their baby to be born.

I am also looking for people like you who care about making sure mums are educated and informed about how to stack the odds in their favour for a positive birth experience because I’m going to be sharing ideas of how you can prepare for a really positive birth experience.

The way it works is for you to sign up to #GroovyBumps and you’ll receive a series of 5 videos from me with some dance moves that are going to help you keep fit in pregnancy and get your mind and body ready for labour. You’ll also receive an invite for the #Groovybumps dance off which is taking place online on 2nd April. It’s a global Zoom dance party we will all get together in celebration of your creation of life.

Please like, share and get involved with this campaign and I look forward to sharing this journey with you all and activating mums -to-be to dance, have some fun and stack the odds in their favour for a positive birth experience.


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