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A Single Case Study: A New Genre of Music To Give Birth To?

At the weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding on the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Scottish Highlands near Arisaig.

And it was there, my lovely friend Bart, who is a singer songwriter and the founder of soundbringer.com told me about a piece of music he had written.

His partner listened to it whilst in labour and she was amazed to notice that when she listened to it, the sensations of labour she was feeling dissipated!

Being the birth junkie that I am, I was looking forward to hearing it and when I did, I was quite surprised. It was quite unlike any piece of music I’d heard before!

It’s an unusual piece of music for sure. The piece uses two different scales.

When I heard it, I think my brain was trying to work out what was going on!

And coming from a background in psychology, the relationship between this piece of music and a reduction in the perception of pain interested me very much.

Just as the brain tries to organise visual stimuli and can flip between different possibilities ( you’ve seen the old woman/ young woman drawing), I guess it tries to organise aural stimuli. This is something I had never considered before.

Bart’s piece is an improvisational live composition piece using nearly 200 tuned strings and a handful of cymbals. Bart descibes it as, “a cultural attempt to harmonise east and west.”

The different scales almost seem confusing, and I wonder if it was this ‘confusion’ made her perception of pain decrease? Perhaps the brain was just too concerned with trying to figure out what was going on; trying to organise the notes into something it recognises thus leaving less room to be concerned with the sensations of childbirth.

Now obviously, this is just a sample size of one but I wonder if we can expand our data sample?

Perhaps we could introduce more women to this piece of music and maybe, just maybe it could provide one extra tool; another natural pain relief option that might help some people.

You are welcome to share this piece and share this idea.

I certainly thought it was a pretty interesting idea.

Let me know your thoughts.

With love

Kati and Bart x

PS To make it play, click on the musical note…. It’s the third tiny icon along xx


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