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5 Things I Might Tell This Birthing Iguana If I Was Her Birth Coach!

OK, OK, Iguana’s lay eggs!!  She will not give birth through her vagina.

But for this post to make sense, hear me out, you’ll need to set aside your knowledge of reptiles and pretend this Iguana is really a birthing woman!

If I was her doula, how would I prepare her for birth?

  1. She’s on hands and knees. All fours. It’s a great birthing position. From there she can sway. Move as she feels. Gravity is on her side. She could arch her back or push her back up like a cat stretching. Move to the path of least resistance. Move to a position that feels the most comfortable or the least uncomfortable! She can move to other positions too. By listening to her body, she can work with her baby to allow it to work its way down; giving it the maximum possible space.
  2. I’m not going to lie, the work of labour demands all your concentration, 100% focused attention on the task at hand. but you’ve got to be mindful of those big eyes looking all around; we need to minimise visual distractions. Well, any distractions really.
  3. She might want to consider turning the lights down. She needs to access an internal state. “Labourland” . It’s going to take her a lot longer with all those lights on. Maybe she can go somewhere dark with twinkly lights like fireflies. Melatonin is produced when it’s dark. It helps us to relax. And to give birth effectively we need to be deeply relaxed.
  4. She needs to feel safe. I’m not sure how safe she feels. She looks like she’s in fight or flight mode! Ready to pounce at any minute. Let’s take her somewhere where she feels warm and safe. Let’s nurture her and give her exactly what she needs; privacy.
  5. Look at that jaw! She needs to keep it relaxed. Ina May Gaskin notes a direct relationship between the muscles of the mouth and the muscles of the cervix and yoni. She says women whose jaws are relaxed rarely tear during childbirth. So this Iguana needs to focus on keeping the mouth and jaw soft!

Hey, it might be easier if our babies hatched from eggs but I’d be out of a job 🙂

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