The Being Midwife

She understood her craft, her confidence inspired

Calmly waiting near my side, as the birth transpired

And though I had fears, brought about from tales of old

She showed no trace of doubt, like a goddess strong and bold

For she’d got to know me over time, she’d got to know my way

And she could tell how far I’d gone from what I did convey

She didn’t have to make small talk or ask about my aim

Coz she already knew my plan, our philosophies were the same

She checked my baby’s heartbeat, to see it was alright

And if all was well, I decided we would just sit tight

But she didn’t look inside me, so as not to spoil my flow

The measurements mean so little, we didn’t need to know

I’d created my own space and my midwife left me to it.

Her quiet confidence gave me the belief that I could do it.

And I’m grateful for that trust that my midwife showed in me

For the time she ‘allowed’, so birth could happen naturally

No-one even said a word, during contractions all was quiet

A cloak of trust enwrapped the place,

Allowing full concentration, this was my space.

Relaxing and breathing. My birth attendants sheathing me from believing each surge was bigger than myself.

I was doing everything I needed to, heeding the wisdom of our ancestral mothers; those mothers who got us here

With a midwife who showed no fear.

And I’m grateful for the trust that my midwife showed in me

And the time she allowed so birth could happen naturally

For I think the mental states of the people at your side

Are an influential force when your aims are unified

Words by Kati Edwards

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