What I say about myself is important but what really matters is how my clients feel having worked with me.

These testimonials are a mix of my ‘hypnobirthing only’ clients and clients where I was their doula too…

Here are a few testimonials…

“One of my best decisions ever!!
After having my first child by emergency c-section, we were really sure we wanted to do things different on the second pregnancy and we also wanted a home birth.
We did the hypnobirth and birth empowering birth course with her that I recommend 100%, not only if it’s your first time but also if you didn’t have prior good birth experiences. It gave me confidence, strength and calm.
During the pregnancy she was always there for me with a smile and a calm voice 
On the day of the birth she was outstanding, she came home when I was already with some surges from a few hours, she helped us protecting our private space, making sure I had everithing I needed , without even ask. She know it . She breath with me when I needed, hold my hand when I needed ( I must say I nearly broke her a finger! Sorry..) And also REALLY important she was there for my husband too. We were like a pack! Her calm during all the birth made us fell calm as well and secure.
Juliette was born and I was the happiest person in the world! After that she was still breathing with me, when I delivered the placenta, when I had a few stitches on the sofa…She also made me the most tasty placenta smoothie! Honestly it was really nice !
When everything was calm and midwifes went back to hospital, she was there on my side, cleaning me, feeding me…with the same energy. After I don’t know how many hours…
Thanks so much from the bottom of hour hearts to be there for us always   

Claudia Tomassoni Martinez, Bury


“Hi Kati

I can’t thank you enough for helping us to make mine, and most importantly, Isabelle’s birthing experience calm and full of love.

We took your silver package and I can’t recommend it enough to expecting couples.

A lot of what we covered in your sessions, Isabelle had been doing for a while in yoga, however, I wasn’t aware of some of the techniques and ways to create a calm space for Isabelle and our baby in labour.

I used many of your handy tips, including how to ask questions, how to negotiat with the midwifes and help create a room full of oxytocin.

Our baby boy was born on the 6th of may and thanks, in part to you and our sessions together, I felt confident going into the birthing suite and created an invisible force field around Isabelle and Louis.

I can’t thank you enough.”

Phil, Manchester

“We became pregnant with our first child and at our first appointment with the midwives felt a bit clueless and unprepared. The first questions we were asked were where and how did we want to have our baby. We were slightly in shock because we didn’t think we’d have to think too much about the birth at this stage. After much google searching and panic, we contacted Kati. Kati sent us some information and we felt an instant connection with the positive stories and we knew this was how we would like to plan our baby’s birth.

Kati offered us a free half hour consultation and we got to ask lots of questions. Afterwards, we felt so inspired and we knew we wanted to do the full course. The course was over 4 sessions and Kati presented the material in a variety of different ways. We learnt about the different birthing options and the statistics and outcomes, the stages of labour using visual, tactile objects, guided relaxations, visualisations, meditations and so much more. There were opportunities to discuss any worries and queries and how to formulate our birth wishes. We received information so that when labour came, we’d be prepared.

The course favours an approach that’s as important for the birth partner as it is for the mother to be. Without this course we cannot envision how we would be so well prepared for the birth.We can also see how this course would be great for someone who had given birth before but wanted it to go differently next time. The course evolves each session teaching us new things but also inspiring us to do our own research. We’ve been given a toolkit of strategies to use when things get more intense during labour. All of the information and evidence we received has given us the confidence that we can make the best decisions when the big day comes!”

Faye and Marc C, Manchester

And this was what Faye and Mark said afterwards!

“Kati has been incredible at preparing us for the birth of out first child. She taught us to feel confident and prepared. Her presence and open heart makes you feel incredibly comfortable to be open about any worries or questions. She inspired us to create the perfect atmosphere for the arrival of our little boy. I loved every session with her and when I think about how fearful I was about birth before I started the course to having no fear and only excitement, it’s amazing! Our little boy was born at home with no medical intervention. Thank you!!!”

Faye and Marc C, Manchester


“We wanted a calm and relaxed, natural birth for our first child and chose to seek out a hypnobirthing coach for this purpose. My partner was intitially sceptical about the idea of a homebirth until we looked at the benefits more deeply and realised this option would give us the best chance of having the birth we wanted with reduced risk of interventions.

Kati was obviously very knowledgable about KG Hypnobirthing as well as the birthing rights of mothers and empowering women’s choices in the birthing environment which appears to be unique to Kati’s services. She made us feel like we had a real series of choices in which to birth our baby and as a result we chose to have her in the birthing space as our doula for our homebirth in water. Coupled with the skills and perceptions we had acquired during the hypnobirthing course, we were able to have a wonderful, undisturbed, smooth and relatively quick natural birth in the environment we wanted without any medical interventions.”

Anouska and Jonny P, Stockport


“The words I use to describe Kati as a doula is sacred beauty. Kati was so much more than we hoped for in a doula, she was kind, attentive, easy to work with and made our experience feel safe and held. I am so grateful to have Kati as our doula. Her beautiful sacred heart made our experience exactly the experience we were hoping for in a home birth.”

Sophia and Kenny A, Altrincham

“Kati supported me with hypnobirthing and as my doula for the birth of my second child Jessica. She always respected my views and thoughts about how I wanted things to be. When I asked, she shared thoughts and ideas, but never tried to influence me to a particular course of action. I’m pretty clear on what I think and what I want and  Kati acted to empower me and fill in any gaps.
When the time came Kati responded really quickly to support me in labour. She was there before the midwives and worked quietly, seamlessly and discretely with the midwife team. It was a perfect combination of practical skill and serenity.
I did have a small complication afterwards and Kati went over and above to come to me at hospital and stay with me talking and reassuring through a lot of ramblings from me. This was definitely over and above what I could have expected. She also came to see us a couple of days later to meet Jessica properly and has stayed in touch since. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. My husband says 2 girls is enough but if I ever did have enough I would certainly want Kati’s support. Hypnobirthing and the support of a doula is the best way to birth in my view.
Thanks Kati.”

Kat S, Bolton



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