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10 Results My Hypnobirthing Clients Have Received Challenge

I was #challenged to make a list of 10 results previous #Hypnobirthing clients have had after they worked with me and I thought this would be good content for my blog:

So here goes…

I’ve had clients who have:

1. been super scared to give #birth after one or more previous #traumatic #experiences. On doing the course, the hypnotherapy elements have enabled them to release their #fears. They felt much better about the whole thing and went on to have really positive birth experiences

2. been first time mums and worried they weren’t going to be able to ‘cope’ with the #pain. They’d always believed they were ‘bad with #pain.’ They went on to work with the #natural #hormones of their #body (said to be between 20 and 200 times stronger than morphine) and gave birth without any #pharmaceutical pain relief at all

3. had a natural #home #water birth after two previous #Caesarian sections! (Yes, you are ‘allowed’)

Seraphina’s Birth

4. been told by a doctor they weren’t ‘able’ to give birth #naturally. On doing the course they went on to have a perfectly natural birth without intervention

5. spent most of their time #worrying about the birth and then after working with me went on to enjoy their #pregnancy!

Learnt The Skills For A Brilliant Birth Partner

6. been worried that #dad won’t be able to cope at the birth. He learnt the skills he needed to be able to positively affect the course of mum’s birth who described him as a ‘brilliant birth partner!’

7. chosen to have elective Caesarian for #medical reasons and felt really #positive about that birth option and the path they chose to take

8. had an unplanned unassisted birth at home. Baby came before midwives arrived so was a good job they felt well prepared!

9. had a birth that didn’t go to Plan A and yet, they STILL felt really #empowered. They felt positive about the birth experience and were able to meet their #baby happily and calmly!

10. have loved what I teach so much that they retrained as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher! I am a teacher trainer for KGHypnobirthing so it was lovely to see them on the training course

So if any of these are things you aspire to when you give birth to your baby and you would like a confidential, private 1:1 Hypnobirthing service either at home or online over Skype at a time to suit you, please email me at [email protected] or PM me on facebook for more information about Birth You In Love birth classes.

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