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Pain Free Births; Reality or Myth?


Prompted by this article in the daily mail, where a woman spoke out about her pain free exhilarating birth thought I’d proffer my opinion on pain free births!

It’s really about expectation. To expect your birth to be pain free may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

The sensations are bloody strong!

But they are NOT stronger than you!

To expect the sensations to be manageable is a far better mindset to cultivate.


However, in order for the sensations to be manageable, we need a few things to be in place.


Birth requires 100% concentration and focus.

We need to be able to shut out the outside world and focus on what our body is doing.

To let go of extraneous thoughts or worries or doubts.

We need to be able to switch off our thinking brain and get into our mammalian brains


And for this to happen requires some preparation and some help from those around you.


The more you are disturbed, distracted and meddled with the more it’s likely to hurt and be unmanageable.

So how can we plan things to make it easier?


Giving birth is easier if you have three things in place:

  • your ENVIRONMENT is conducive to the birth process;
  • your SUPPORT is well versed and fully trusting in you; and
  • you have PREPARED well; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Having some mental tools to help yourself flow through the process can be really helpful.

Your support team can help you to focus by keeping the environment calm so your birth space is protected.

My Own Experiences

I have had two unmedicated births. From my personal experience, the first time I gave birth, it hurt more than I imagined it would but the second time I didn’t experience the sensations as pain at all.

So I can vouch for the fact that some women do sometimes experience pain-free births!

The first time, I am convinced my environement contributed to making the birth more difficult and the labour last longer than it needed to be.

I wasn’t able to concentrate 100% on what my body was doing.

The midwives were due to change shift. There had been a really lovely midwife who’d been with me all day.

And I really didn’t want her to leave. I knew it was time for her shift to end.

I was conscious my baby was almost here and I know I was worrying about her departure.

Instead of focusing on what my body was doing I was spending much needed mental energy consciously trying to make it all happen faster. I was out of my body and into my head.

And that was counter-productive.

The worry she might leave brought me out of that inner focused state I needed to be in. These additional thought processes activated my neo-cortex; the part of my brain I needed to switch off (you’ll learn all about this and how to do this in a hypnobirthing class!)

I also had loads of midwives chatting loudly in my birth space which I found really distracting and there was no-one to ask them to be quiet.

Let Go Of Expectation

So my point is set up your birth space in a way that’s conducive to the birth process, and if you feel fully supported and trust your body you’ll be giving yourself and your baby the best chance of a calm birth experience where you can manage the sensations.

Expecting birth to be pain free may be setting yourself for disappointment. You might experience a ‘pain-free’ birth as I did the second time but you might not.

Expect the sensations to be intense but ‘manageable’

Allow yourself to be in the moment and to control the sensations with your breathe, your belief in yourself and working with your body.

The sensations can’t be greater than you, because they are you!

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With Love
Kati xx❤️

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