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Can this NEW MUSIC really improve comfort CHILDBIRTH?

As most of you know, I’m really passionate about helping people develop natural tools to help manage the sensations of childbirth.  So when I was told, by a friend of mine, Barthelemy (Bart) Izoard, he’d written a piece of  music from a new music genre that reduced the perception of pain in his labouring partner, I was very intrigued to say the least.

In fact, it’s a whole new musical genre he’s created.

How It Started

She happened to play the piece during the labour.

And Bart was incredibly surprised when she said ‘the most crazy thing happened’.

The sensations of labour she was feeling reduced and the pain disappeared when this tune came on!



Now obviously, there is currently a sample size of 1. It’s hardly the most robust evidence but I think it might be interesting to collect some more anecdotal data on this.

The thing is, it’s a really unusual piece of music. It’s kind of weird. Have a listen and you” know what I mean. There is lots going on. In fact, there are  200 strings and a handful of symbols played by one man in this improvisational piece.

My Theory

My theory is that the interesting collection of tunings in the piece helped to distract the mind. The mind is busy trying to structure and order the sound. In short, the mind is unconsciously trying to figure wtf is going on in the piece of music!

Perhaps it’s a similar idea to how white noise calms down babies.

And I’m all up for anything natural that helps!!!

Obviously there are other reasons it might have worked in this one case. Like perhaps it was just co-incidence her pain subsided when this track came on or perhaps it was because he’d created the piece for her and it was so special that the flood of oxytocin and endorphins made the magic of this piece unique to her.

Or perhaps there really is something in this piece of music and it will soon go into the category of external things that might help your labour like a TENS machine, or a birthing ball or immersion in warm water.

If it can work for this one woman, perhaps it can work for others?

And please feel free to share if you know anyone who might be interested in trying it!

Bart has put the piece on the internet for FREE. It’s called The Bridge.

(Just click on the musical note symbol to make it play)

Please let me know what happens if you give it a try!

Huge Love ,

Kati x

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