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Wise Words From Mr Birth You In Love…


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This isn’t strictly birth related but I thought it interesting and relevant enough to blog about all the same.

Tonight, my husband told me I need to get back in the boat. Sometimes I’m in the boat but sometimes I spend so long thinking about where I’m going and how to attract the people who I love to work with and would love to work with me, I miss what’s happening in the now. He has a point!

I would like to share with you what he said…

“Life is like a journey down river in a boat. The flow of the river will take you where you want to go because the river is your life path.

You can steer the boat and paddle but you must always remain in the boat. Your happiness and contentedness will only be possible if you remain in the boat, because if you get out of the boat, you will have to swim and you will get wet and cold and tired. That is a lot harder than remaining in the boat.

If you spend your life trying to get to the things that are just around the corner, you will not be happy because your life is in the boat. So are your most treasured possessions, your health and your loved ones. Your children cannot leave the boat, because they have not yet learned to be discontent with where they are. Learn from the contentedness of your children so that is where your life is.

You can think about what is around the corner but if you get discontented with the pace of the boat and spend your time trying to paddle too fast or, you will get tired and stressed unnecessarily. The flow of the river is taking you there anyway and eventually, if you steer and paddle when needed, you will get to the things you want.”

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