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Why Prepare For Birth With Me?

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Every now and again, I like to think about who I am and what I do in my Manchester based business ‘Birth You In Love’ helping people prepare for birth. So today. I thought I’d write my elevator pitch for 2018

Who I Am

I am a KG Hypnobirthing teacher, a trainer for KG Hypnobirthing (I train people to become new teachers). I’m also a speaker and a spoken word artist writing mostly about birth. I speak at birth conferences, festivals and open mic nights about the suppression of women and how we can have better birth experiences!

What Do I Do

I help pregnant women and their partners have better birth experiences. I educate and support them to stack the odds in their favour to feel calm, safe and confident when their baby arrives. It’s one of the things I’m most passionate about. We get birth right and look after mothers properly in those early days and the world becomes a better place.

Who Are My Ideal Clients

Does this sound like you?


  1.  You’re previously suffered a traumatic birth experience and this time, you want it to be different OR you’re a first time mum wanting to to feel calm, relaxed and in control when you give birth. You want to do what you can to avoid the experiences of people you know and are thinking if you’ve worked with someone who helps people have calm, joyous births for a living, it’s going to give you a better chance
  2. are planning a normal, physiological birth and would only accept intervention if absolutely necessary. It’s not going to be your go to method
  3. want to take active steps to give yourself and your baby the best possible experience when you meet each other for the first time
  4. like to be informed of the evidence and in possession of the facts before you accept or decline things
  5. feel research is important but you’re very busy. You’d like help finding the best information to save you time.
  6. love to take the natural route if possible
  7. like to walk your own path and don’t like to be pressured or steam-rollered into making decisions
  8. like the idea of forming a strong attachment to your baby in pregnancy and once your baby is born; you fancy carrying your baby in a sling and like the idea of co-sleeping with your baby
  9. love self-improvement, yoga or meditation. You may have dabbled in Shamanic practices also!
  10. love festivals and dancing
  11. love the content of the magazines The Green Parent or Juno.

Why Hire Me To Help You Enjoy Your Birth Experience

I’m in a unique position to help my clients because:

  1. I’ve used hypnobirthing techniques personally to birth of my children into love and calm. The second birth was featured on BBC1’s Childbirth All Or Nothing. I have practiced what I preach!
  2. I’ve supported many women to give birth in m
  3. In capacity as a doula (a professional birth partner) so I see how the techniques I teach work in practice. Here is a clip of me talking about how doulas can help women after a traumatic birth experience on BBC Five Live #mumtakeover. You can find a local Doula UK doula here.
  4. I’m extremely confident that the course I teach works. It helps people to feel empowered and satisfied they made the right choices and had the best birth possible
  5. I frequently speak at’Normal Birth’ and ‘Optimal Birth’ conferences and bring the learning back for my clients. I’ve spoken on the bill with many outstanding thinkers in the Natural Childbirth movement including Ina May Gaskin (TEDx speaker and author of Spritual Midwifery and Ina May Gaskin’s Guide To Childbirth), Milli Hill (founder of the Positive Birth Movement and author of the Positive Birth Book), Dr Sheena Byrom (Author of Catching Babies and Roar Behind The Silence), Mark Harris (author of Men, Love and Birth) and midwife and researcher Dr Sarah Wickham.
  6. You can be sure I know my stuff inside out and back to front, because I am one of the KG Hypnobirthing trainers along with Katharine Graves (Author of The Hypnobirthing Book), Nancy (Birthrite) Keen, Independent Midwife Kemi (BirthJoy) Johnson and Midwife Lisa Thompson.
  7. I’m not going to judge you whatever your parenting choices are but if you love the idea of carrying your baby, co-sleeping or breastfeeding, I can help point you in the right direction.

KG Hypnobirthing


Have You Ever Wondered…?

  • how to activate the body’s own pain relieving endorphins, said to be 200 times stronger than morphine, so the birth process is manageable or even pleasurable?
  • where you would be most comfortable giving birth. at home, in a birth centre or in hospital?
  • how to make the hormones flow to help make birth most effective?

Well, I can support you with all these answers and more. Most people come on my course expecting to learn some hypno/ hypnosis techniques to stay calm and in control during the birth process but they are surprised to know the course is so much more than that. They learn an understanding of the maternity system and how they can best work with it. They gain an understanding of what their body is actually doing and how to stay in control. They learn tips to stay calm in all situations not just in childbirth.

Feel free to have a look at my testimonials.

Get In Touch

I’d love to schedule in a time to chat about how I may be able to help you. You can use the ‘Book A Free Call’ tab on my home page or contact me on (+44) 07967 622884


What I Do



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