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The “Birthing Your Wisdom” Gathering, Rambottom

Birth gathering

I am introducing the ‘Birthing Your Wisdom’ to Ramsbottom.

We will be coming together to meet likeminded mums-to-be, share stories, learn #birth tips to make your baby’s birth a safe and positive experience, drink lovely tea and basically, have a wonderful, oxytocin-producing time!

I have some birth activities planned including a chakra cleansing meditation to awaken your power. we will set intention, do some gentle dance based exercises to help develop your flow all while starting to build strong relationships with each other. These relationshipd that will form your much needed support network as you flow into parenthood.

Hopefully this will be a monthly or bi-monthly event but let’s see who joins me and where we can take it! I hope thss will be the first of many.

I look forward to helping you have the best birth possible.

Birth gathering

Pay as you feel… £5, £7, £10

The Chakra Rooms, Ramsbottom.

PM me to hold your space

Please share with other mums you think would love to be part of this.

Here is a video of me welcoming you into this space:




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