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Slings and Babywearing Things

This is one of my poems; “My Mother Didn’t Get It!”

It appeared on Sprogcast in July 2016:-)


“My Mother Didn’t Get It!”

My mother didn’t get it, it didn’t fit with her programme

“You’ll make a rod for your own back, Why don’t you use a pram?”

“That child will never leave you, you’ll be carrying her when she’s 12”

I thought (tshh), that’s another bit of parenting advice that I’m going to shelve!



You see, I’d put her down she cried and cried

And no matter how hard I tried

To bounce her on some plastic, inanimate, vibrating chair

She just wanted me to pick her up

To let her know that I was there

baby hug


And so, casting the advice I heard aside, I picked her up, held her with pride

I wrapped her so my arms were free, It’s like a hands free kit, but for a baby!



So, if you’re starting out there may be things you’d want to know

There are tutorials onYou Tube to help you carry like a pro

Huggable and kissable, you need them always in your view

At first it looks quite tricky, You’ll soon figure out what to do.


You might find a local sling meet, a library to try or hire

There are babywearing consultants to help you and inspire

You can find the one that suits your shape so the weight is all spread out

It’s really very comfortable when your carriers well thought out


Carrying’s very practical, you can try and get stuff done

It’s easier than a buggy, when you’re always on the run

And if you start when they’re tiny, you build up your muscles stronger

So when they’re bigger, you can carry them for longer!

kiss baby
I’m a bit of a rebel, I don’t like to appease

But then it all happened, I got sling disease!!



I started with a stretchy and got a buckles too,

There are so many types. I couldn’t just make do!

You can wear them on your front or back Or even on the side

I didn’t want to leave any type that I had not yet tried!

baby carrier

Mei tais, fly tais, ones you can customise

Checking out forums, searching with my preying eyes

Onbus, Ring slings, with padding or without

Full buckles, half buckles, I’m carrier devout!

Yearning, churning, it all got a bit concerning

Learning about all these slings has made me quite discerning!



And then there’s the world of wovens, and all the different blends,

I wondered if my wish list was ever going to end?

babywearing 2


They come in sizes from 2 to 8,

For me the fours did dominate

Not too long and not too short

The perfect length, the right support.

They come in themes, all colour schemes,

They’re in my dreams, with matching seams!!!

I wanted to put them all to test

In my quest to find which was the best!

baby carrier3

But now, I’m pleased to say I’m over it, my obsession has expired

But my passion for keeping babies close will never be retired

‘Cause carried babies cry less, the evidence says it’s true

Wearing them close felt to me like the thing that I should do!

Words by Kati Edwards (Copyright)

WM Baaywearing

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