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Birth Spoken Word Coming To Norway!!!

I'm Coming To Norway!!

I’m delighted to tell you I’ve been invited to a birth conference in Norway to share my message about women’s rights in childbirth. It’s called Jordmorteamets konferanse at Høgskolen i Drammen, Norway on October 3rd, 2016.

“The conference will be about women’s rights during birth, specifically her rights to informed consent and information surrounding her choices.”

This time last year, I had one spoken word poem about birth and that was a collaboration! Now I have about 10 poems and have been asked to perform them at some of the most highly acclaimed conferences on the circuit. Wowzers!

So, Who’s Going To Be In Norway?

I’m on the line up with Ina May Gaskin and Sarah Wickham; two of my birthy heroines. Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin is the first book I ever read on Childbirth and her Guide To Childbirth was the second!!! Sarah Wickham’s website is a great resource to help understand the evidence around various topics relating to keeping birth ‘normal’.

Sarah Wickham will be talking about normal variation in relation to the length of pregnancy and birth so I am really looking forward to hearing that!

When Things Aren’t Set In Stone

As a culture, if things are open to variation, we struggle. For example, I always advocate a due month rather than a due date; you aren’t officially overdue until after 42 weeks but even then, there is so much variation in our cycles that if your baby still hasn’t arrived, chances are your baby is just not ready yet. If interventions such as induction is brought up by your health provider, it’s left to you to weigh up whether you feel there is enough evidence to go along with the proposed intervention. This is something to be discussed with your health provider. Arm yourself with the evidence and make a case for you to get the birth you want. Different healthcare providers will respond differently to your wishes depending on their protocol and individual variations in staff culture.

When things aren’t set in stone and are liable to chance, it can be uncomfortable. We like to map things out, to know what’s coming and often childbirth is just one of those things we have to trust it will be at the right time for you and your baby. It’s important to be flexible in our expectations of length of pregnancy and birth.

You can find lots more details about the conference and book a ticket here.

Hooray for my first International venture with my spoken word!!!


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