Some of the conferences and events I have spoken at include:

14th Normal Labour and Birth Conference 2019 (Keynote Speaker)London Maternity and Midwifery Festival 2019
Let’s Talk Birth Tour, London 2019,
Midlands Maternity and Midwifery Festival, 2019
Manchester University Midwifery Society 2019
Hull University Midwifery Society “Optimising Birth Conference” 2018
Kingston at St Georges University Midwifery Conference ‘I Have A Voice’,  London, 2018
Huddersfield Midwifery Society Physiological Birth Conference 2018
The Women’s Voices Conference, London 2017 and 2016
12th International Normal Labour and Birth Conference, Grange Over Sands 2017
KG Hypnobirthing Conference, Manchester 2017
Manchester Homebirth Conference 2016
Women’s Right’s in Childbirth, Drammen, NORWAY 2016
Women and Wellbeing Festival 2016
Bradford Midwifery Society Conference 2016
MAMA Conference, Ayrshire 2016
Doula UK, London 2016
Salford Midwifery Society Conference, March 2016
Manchester Home Birth Conference 2015
Harrogate Midwifery Study Day, 2015

“Supporting Women’s Choices in Place of Birth”, Salford Midwifery Society Conference  – Kati Edwards and Cathy Brewster

“Changing A Generation of Thinking on Birth”, Harrogate Study Day  – Kati Edwards

“Confidence, Positivity, Empowerment”, Bradford Midwifery Society Conference – Kati Edwards

“A Toolkit For Intuitive Birthing”, Manchester Home Birth Conference – Kati Edwards

“What Is A Doula and Do I Need One?”, Salford Baby Show


I have written a series of poems about birth and maternity services. Posters of my poems are available to buy from my shop. Perfect gifts for a student midwife, midwives, doulas or birthkeepers!

A few testimonials from well-known midwives and birthworkers:

“I’ve heard Kati perform on numerous occasions, and she never fails to make me smile, and cry. In fact, Kati’s words bring to life all that I want to say – they ring true to my experience as a mother, and a midwife. Totally engaging and delightful, Kati is a talented artist with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of childbirth, and those who support it. Brilliant!”
Sheena Byrom OBE, Midwife
“Maternity care is a topic that necessarily dictates that we talk in terms of science, evidence and statistics over populations. Yet the daily experiences of families having babies occurs on the micro, not the macro. We experience maternity care on an emotional level, with complex individual responses, informed by our whole histories and cultural baggage. The act of having a baby is thus necessarily expressed just as usefully in art, as it is in science.
Kati Edwards’ poetry speaks to us on that emotional level. Through her words we see into the hearts of the mother and the midwife, reminding us that care of the emotions is as important as clinical care. Kati shines a light into the real, lived experiences of families and those who care for them, in a way that makes connections and helps us see things from a new perspective. Her poetry is life affirming, visceral and needs to be heard by anyone involved in planning or implementing modern maternity care.”
Maddie McMahon, Doula and Doula Trainer, Doula Mentor, Author of ‘Why Doulas Matter’, founder of Developing Doulas
“Kati Edwards was an asset as a speaker at ‘The Kindness Conference’ which addressed bullying and the promotion of good culture in midwifery. As a doula she brought her sensitive expertise to this hard topic; as a spoken word poet she brought magic. Her work showed us what it’s like to be a midwife in clinical practice – the rewarding and challenging elements. The presentation of real quotes woven into her poetry obviated the need for lengthy explanations of the issues in midwifery, showing the changes that are needed more powerfully than any number of lengthy powerpoint presentations would have. Plus, she’s a lovely human being.”
Ellie Durant, MidwifeDiaries.com
“Kati Edwards came to our ‘Jordmorteamets conference: “Womens rights in childbirth”’ to perform her poems. How powerful! How true! How inspiring! Kati knows how to reach your heart. She put in to words what all women needs to hear – both birthing women and midwives.”
Cathrine Trulsvik. Midwife, NORWAY
Kati Edwards is an amazing advocate for women, families and woman-focused maternity care. She works to promote the importance of agency and autonomy of women and families. Her work as a doula and spoken word artist combine with her role as a mother to enable brilliant insight in to the value of continuity, compassion and caring.
Anna Byrom, Senior Midwifery Lecturer at UCLAN and Editor of The Practicing Midwife
‘Katie was amazing! We invited her to Lets Talk Birth 2019 in London, where she gave THE MOST amazing, open, honest, heart felt accounts of birth poetry. Everyone loved her, the feedback we have had from the attendees has been really positive. We would very much like for her to attend our next tours!’
Zoe Wright, Midwife and Founder, The Real Birth Company
Kati is an engaging speaker and her spoken word talks are both poignant and fun.
Sophie Messager, Doula
If you organise birth related events, study days and conferences and would like me to come and speak for you this page tells you a little about me…
About Me
My name is Kati Edwards. I’m a Spoken Word Performance Poet, Doula, KG Hypnobirthing Teacher and Trainer and a campaigner for better births. I advocate (usually in rhyme) for informed choice and women’s rights in childbirth.
The birth of my 2nd child featured on a BBC1 documentary ‘Childbirth All Or Nothing’ and as a result of my story and my spoken word, I’ve been invited to speak at conferences both nationally and internationally (see below for a selection of events I have spoken at already).
Before I became a birth poet, I worked for the NHS as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist for 7 years and have an MSc in Advanced Practice Interventions in Mental Health and this gives me an understanding of the sensitivity necessary when dealing with people’s wellbeing as well as an understanding of change culture within the NHS. Much of my work focused on helping people with chronic pain making use of the mind/ body connection; something which I feel requires deeper exploration within maternity services.
With my spoken word poetry, I aim to inspire, help midwives re-engage with their mojo as well as providing a voice for service users who would like informed choice and to be supported in their choices.
These include:
• The Being Midwife
• Infiniti Non Carborundum (on bullying in Midwifery)
• Birthplace Matters
• It’s Not Because (my signature poem)
• Addiction To Convention


“It’s Not Because”

I co-wrote this one with Ben Mellor, an award-winning Manchester based spoken artist. It was a commission for 2The Birth You In Love Project”. This poem was written to promote a series of  mini vids I crowdfunded for. The films were made after the birth of my 2nd child featured on the BBC1 documentary “Childbirth All Or Nothing”. It’s a fantastic documentary about birth but a lot of what I wanted to say about how women can have a better experience was lost in the edit and so I made the films to redress that.


“Illegitimi Non Carborundum”

This poem went crazy viral on Facebook. It’s about Bullying in Midwifery.

💥I was asked to write it by a midwife friend who had been bullied in the workplace so I asked on a #Facebook forum for victims of bullying in midwifery for the lines used against them.

It was probably the longest thread I’ve ever created!

💥I wanted REAL voices

💥The poem was created with as many of the lines as I could. And reduced it all down to 5 minutes.

💥It’s both epic and alarming

💥I hope by writing this the bullies recognise themselves and stop and those who are bullied realise it too and seek support and understanding.

💥It’s called “Illegitimi Non Carborundum” –  Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down

‘Addiction To Convention’

I uploaded this version to the @WeMidwives 2 minute  twitter chat.

The Being Midwife

This one’s called The Being Midwife and it’s inspired by the work of Consultant Midwife Dr Tracey Cooper and the amazing One To One midwife who was at Seraphina’s birth, Emma Healey.


Birthplace Matters

I wrote this one for the Birthplace Matters campaign.

I am available to either do a ‘set’ which can be purely spoken word poetry or it can include my story of how I came to be involves in the BBC1 documentary and what I learnt having my babies. Alternatively, I can perform my poems between the other speakers throughout the day. Both options have worked well and provide something different for your audience.
As I am a KG Hypnobirthing teacher and trainer and a doula, I can speak about either of these topics too!
Posters in My Shop
I also have a series of popular art posters of my poems available in my online shop as gifts for midwives or birth junkies. If you’d like to take a look, please go here: https://www.birthyouinlove.com/gifts/
Please do get in touch if you are interested in booking me or finding out more about what I do!
Birth Ideas Worth Sharing!
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To book me for an event or to register your interest, feel free to send me a message.

Kati Spoken Word

Sling It, North West (Northern UK Sling Festival)

Women deserve to know they are strong.

Students and birth workers must reflect on whether they are helping the women get the birth SHE wants.

The ‘powers that be’ need to collect what is known, appropriately fund and implement workable guidance so midwives can work in a way that feels right to them giving women the best chance of birthing the way they want to.

We need more midwives, continuity of care, true woman centred care, sensible paperwork and protocols that are evidence based as opposed to risk averse.

From the top down, and from the bottom up; that’s the way things are going to change.

You can see some of my poems in MY SHOP brought to life by the fabulous artist Stephanie Green.




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