What Is A Doula?





Words by Kati Edwards. Images by Stephanie Green

So What Is A Doula ?

So what is a doula? What do they do?
Why would I want one as part of my crew?
A professional birth partner? What’s that about?
Why not interview one and find out?

Doula’s come in all different guises,
She’ll give you information but never advises
And you can expect, information’s correct
Delivered with kindness, compassion, respect
Informed by evidence and truths,
Laying out options, so you can choose
The best course of action, for you and your muse

She’ll assert your truth and divert your fear
She’ll show you love that’s so sincere
She could work with a partner, supporting them to help you
A familiar face who understands your view

She’ll hold your hand if you want it held
And show no judgement if you screamed and yelled
She’ll listen to what you’ve have to say
And try to help you find your way

And if you think about all the different types of women
And the birth options we can choose
No matter what your colour, creed, social need, how you plan proceed
There is a doula for everyone, someone who fits just right
Someone that you’ll click with, someone who you’ll like

So if you like the sound of what a doula does and you think one might be for you

Look up the Doula UK ‘find a doula’ page and have a good look though!

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