Babywearing Poem – Sling Disease!


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This babywearing poster is a great gift for those with a sling addiction.

It’s from my babywearing poem ‘Sling Disease!’

This poster is available in A4 or A3.

I originally called this poem ‘My Mother Didn’t Get It’. My mum thought that people who carry their babies do so because they can’t afford prams. She told me I’d make a rod for my own back etc. lol

This poem is for sling junkie mum. You know who you are!

I know my sling addiction caused me for a while to thing of wraps as currency, e.g. ‘Ooh, if I could sell *insert random expensive possession here*, then I’d be able to buy x number of wraps!

It’s for the mum whose wall just looks a bit too bare without a babywearing poem or an addition for your sling library 🙂



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A4, A3


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