The “Birth You In Love Project” Birth Video Series

Mini-Vid series to Revolutionise The Way We Birth

created by Kati Edwards and Andy Benfield for

BYIL Project


A free video resource based on the acronym EMPOWER to help women and their families have better birth experiences.

It’s for women who want to take away any fear about their babies births and replace it with knowledge, calm and confidence.

It gives some ideas about what you might think about  so you can be well prepared for your baby’s arrival.

Each video is between 6 and 11 minutes long.

There are 8 in the series so set aside 1 1/2 hrs, curl up with a hot drink, get cosy and enjoy.

If the videos resonate with you and you’d like to know more about my Hypnobirthing groups or 1:1 classes, feel free to get in touch.


It’s essential that women understand how birth works and that in order for birth to be better and safer, we need to be making the decisions about what is best for us, our bodies and our babies.

No one puts baby in a corner

I wish you all the very best on your journey.

Consider doing your research, trusting your fierce mama bear instincts and sharing this important knowledge.

With Love

Kati x



Watch all 7 videos for tips and tricks to empower yourself to a better birth experience.


Providing yourself with a conducive environment to the birthing process is one of the keys.

Hint: Bright lights, unfamiliar people and disturbance don’t allow the hormones to work as they should

M = MENTAL preparation

Creating a mental toolkit of ways to manage the sensations of birth. This video gives you a few ideas to consider.


Keeping physically active, moving around and knowing what positions are helpful to giving birth can be really helpful.

O = Owning Your Birth

It’s your baby’s birth and ultimately all decisions are yours to take. Having an understanding of what the chances are of everything working perfectly will help to make more informed decisions.

W = Water

Staying hydrated, considering birthing and labouring in water and also being like water as birth doesn’t always go 100% to plan.

E = Extension

This is “extension of yourself”; i.e. your support network. Having great people around you who trust in natural and amazing process of birth will give you confidence. This video discusses how you might set up your immediate and extended support network.


This infographic puts YOU at the centre of your baby’s birth and shows what support is out there.


Your Support Network

The Association for Improving Maternity Services (AIMS) and also Birthrights are great organisations  if you do not feel listened to or are having problems being supported in the way you want.

Doula UK is a great organisation. You can tap in your postcode using to Find A Doula  near you.

There’s the Positive Birth Movement too. Find a group near you.

If you’re planning to give birth at home, is there a home birth support group in your area? It’s a great way of meeting others. We have a great group in Manchester; the Greater Manchester Homebirth Support Group.

And For Resources For Dad…

I am absolutely loving Mark Harris’s work with dads to be. He’s written a great book called Men, Love and Birth about how to rock as a birth partner.

I always recommend dads to read his book and he’s just brought out an online course too which is ace. Check it out here.

You can register for FREE and get Freemium Membership and a Free e-book: A Man’s Guide To Sex & Intimacy During Pregnancy using this link.

Dads to be

R = Relaxation

Relaxation is key. The more you relax the less it hurts.

Long slow deep breaths.

Practicing during pregnancy can help. Consider using the tools of self hypnosis to put yourself in a deeply relaxed state.  You might want to teach yourself or save time and trouble by finding a good hypnobirthing teacher, birth preparation coach or doula you can work with.

I work with my clients either in a group or 1:1, in person or via skype.

If you’d like to know more about my KG Hypnobirthing courses, you’re welcome to get in touch.

Call me for more details x


Thank you so much for watching!

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Kati x

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