The Birth You In Love Project Breastfeeding Series With Emma Pickett

Breast wishes

Breast wishes

The Birth You In Love Breastfeeding Series

Kati Edwards interviews Emma Pickett

(Lactation Consultant and Chairman of The Association of Breastfeeding Mums)

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Immense gratitude to Emma Pickett, Lactation Consultant and Chair of The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers for making this fab series of Breastfeeding videos with the The Birth You In Love Project.

Emma answers my questions brilliantly and succinctly. She allowed me into her home. I met her cheese-plant. We drank tea.

At first, for me breastfeeding was a struggle. I wish I’d have known Emma then and that there was better support out there and how to find it.

I got crap advice from the midwife and frankly this isn’t good enough. My baby and I got it together in the end but it would have been a lot easier with better evidence based support.


This video series comprises of 5 videos:

  1. What are the benefits of breastfeeding?
  2. How do you prepare?
  3. Should It Hurt?
  4. What the f%&k is normal anyway?
  5. What dad can do to help?

I love how, in video no.2, I asked her what you need in order to breastfeed.

She started with ‘well, you need some boobs!’

So if you’ve got boobs, curl up for 1/2hr on the sofa to watch this ace ‘Introduction to Breastfeeding’

They’re going to set you off on the right foot.

So watch and learn my lovelies and at the end of the videos, there’s a comprehensive list of support lines if you need to ask any questions once your baby is here.

Here goes…

  1. What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

2. How Do You Prepare?

3. Should It Hurt?


4. What The F%&k is Normal Anyway?

5. What Dads Can Do To Help!

Thanks for watching!

Hope it helps!

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With Love,

Kati Edwards x

Founder of Birth You In Love

Doula, Birth Preparation Coach and Hypnobirthing Teacher


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