About Kati

Who Am I?

I am Kati Edwards. I’m a doula, a hypnobirthing teacher (aka Birth Preparation Coach), the founder of Birth You In Love, a campaigner for better births and an ambassador for Doula UK.

I help first time parents-to-be who don’t have a clue how to have a baby get a clue!

And I help parents who’ve had babies before and want a different birth experience to last time understand what happened and plan for a different kind of birth experience.

So if you’re pregnant, first of all congratulations!

If you’re looking for a doula or someone to help you in your birth preparation and you’re considering who to have, you might like me if:

  1. You want to look at all angles to give yourself as gentle a birth as possible
  2. You don’t mind putting in the practice to help yourself stack the odds in your favour
  3. The importance of the mind-body connection is something you understand and want to work on to help in all areas of your life
  4. Upholding your rights in childbirth, being confident to ask questions and knowing where to find the latest research is important to you
  5. Your birth partner (if you have one) wants to be the best birth partner they can be and is happy to work with you to do this
  6. You like the fact, I might light a candle for you and call upon our ancestral mothers to help you on your journey (I promise not to do this, if you’re not into it lol)
  7. As a doula or your birth preparation coach, I will fully support you in your choices no matter what kind of birth you are planning, whether it’s an elective section, a hospital birth, in a birth centre or at home.

We might get on particularly well if;

  1. You like cake
  2. Snowboarding (or skiing) down a mountain makes you really happy
  3. You think there’s nothing better that waving your arms in the air with brilliant friends watching your favourite band or dj’s at a festival
  4. You want to create a strong attachment to your children; to encourage them to think for themselves and be happy and productive members of society

If you think we could be a good fit, do contact me to arrange an interview:-)

My role is flexible and my support package can be tailored to you and your family.

With Love,

Kati x

A Bit Of Background

I remember being pregnant for the first time and being pretty much petrified of giving birth.

Actually, it was the midwife at my first appointment who told me to watch ‘One Born Every Minute’ as she said this was ‘realistic’.

I came home and watched it. It frightened the life out of me.

If you’ve not seen it, don’t bother.

If you have seen it, it might be reassuring to know birth doesn’t need to be like that.

If you have seen it and think it looks OK, it’s probably not worth using my services!

I was fortunate to meet some inspirational women who guided me to release that fear and this resulted in me having two extremely positive birth experiences.

I was in the right place at the right time and I now teach women to do just that.

My Hopes

It is my hope that all birthing women will:

Know their rights!

Know the right questions to ask!

And know where to get the answers!

You are welcome to contact me, book a 30 minute discovery call, a 45 minute laser call or book a birth empowerment/ hypnobirthing course with me. I will look forward to meeting you. I love chatting all things birth 


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