Kati Edwards PUBLIC Birth Poetry Anthology

Over the years I have been writing birth poetry and performing them a events and conferences, I have had many enquiries from undergraduates, masters and PhD students and university lecturers as to whether they can use my poetry in lectures, presentations, dissertations and theses.

And my answer is always YES! But please credit me ‘Doula Kati Edwards’ and email [email protected] to let me know you’re intending to use it.

So I have decided to keep my birth poetry in one place. To make it easy for people to access it. That place is HERE!

  1. The Being Midwife
  2. #ENOUGH: The Online War Of Birth Physiology (an epic 5min poem which I launched at the 14th Normal Labour And Birth Conference)
  3. Addition To Convention
  4. It’s Not Because
  5. Letting Go
  6. Placenta LOVE
  7. Birthplace Matters
  8. Imagine
  9. Infiniti Non Carbarundum (on bullying in midwifery)
  10. My Mother Didn’t Get It (Babywearing Poem)
  11. What Is A Doula?
  12. Whose Risk Is It Anyway?
  13. Why Keep Quiet
  14. Please Can I Stay?

My poetry brings up all sorts of questions for the enquiring mind striving to make sense of how we can make birth better for the mums, dads and babies. I am writing from the perspective of a Birthkeeper. I strive to keep birth physiological because that’s what the majority of women and birthing people want and what I wanted when I had my babies.

Society has forgotten the ancient wisdom of how to facilitate the physiological process. In most cases, birth does not need to be a medical event. Birthing people are being pushed down a medical pathway with little or no options or even knowledge that they have options or why they might exercise their rights to choose. As a birth educator, I give couples the information so they can prepare their minds and bodies well for birth, they know what their options are and can make confident choices enabling them to be in the driver’s seat. As a doula, I do my best to facilitate physiological birth.

If you would like some birth art, I have a series of 7 POSTERS of my poems. They make lovely gifts for midwives, doulas or birth nerds or are great for the walls of birth centres. See the posters below. To purchase them in A4 or A3, please go to my shop.

If you have used my poetry and would like to buy me coffee, please donate at my paypal link.

I would be super grateful because it helps me keep my obsession with helping people have better birth experiences sustainable.

Love Always

Kati X

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