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Kati Edwards – Manchester based KG Hypnobirthing Teacher and Doula

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Who Is Kati Edwards?

I’m Kati Edwards: Manchester based KG Hypnobirthing teacher, doula and founder of ‘Birth You In Love’;  a community seeking to improve women’s experiences of childbirth through education and support.

Kati Edwards: Who I Am and What I Do

Birth You In Love was born out of  ‘The Birth You In Love Project’. This project began after the birth of my second child, Seraphina Skye, featured on a documentary on BBC1 called “Childbirth All Or Nothing”. It’s still available on You Tube if you want to watch it! http://bit.ly/WhatBirthDoYouWant

Seraphina's Birth

Hello,  Seraphina Skye!

I was working at the time for the NHS in Neuropsychology in Physical Health but started to become more and more passionate about the obstacles, issues and hazards I was becoming increasingly aware of in the UK maternity system. So much so that in April 2016 I left the NHS to become a full time birth preparation, hypnobirthing teacher and doula.

The BBC1 show was amazing and it was a privilege to be part of it but after the show aired, I felt like I had a lot more to say about how I achieved that kind of birth, how I prepared and the things I thought about. Yes, there was an element of good fortune involved but I literally stacked the odds  in my favour to achieve that calm birth. My environment was conducive to the birth process, I prepared well mentally, physically and emotionally and was truly supported in my wishes by my birth partner and my midwife and doula.

I remember being pregnant for the first time and seeing a video of a women giving birth in calm. I was astonished! I wanted to know how she achieved that kind of birth. How did she manage to remain so calm and focused. I wanted to know everything; how she prepared, what she thought about and what got her through the experience.

And in doing my research, I strongly felt that how to support yourself to have a good experience as well as a safe birth, just wasn’t available in mainstream birth education.

So I had the idea to create my own series of videos to help women know some of the things they might thing about when choosing how they are going to have their baby. I called them the ‘The Birth You In Love Project’ and I crowdfunded the money to pay a professional filmmaker, Andy Benfield, to make them.

We interviewed some legends in the birth world, Dr Tracey Cooper, Mark Harris, Emma Gleave, Michelle Every, Natalie Qureshi and Emma Pickett. And the films are very nearly ready!!! Yikes. So close now. I’ve just had the lo-res versions for final approval.

What I do?

I now teach KG Hypnobirthing courses in Manchester, Cheshire and Worldwide via Skype and I am also a doula.

How can I help you?

I help women are in a similar position to me when I was first pregnant.

Women who:

    • want to know what they can do to support themselves through childbirth
    • may be scared, fearful or a little anxious about giving birth
    • want to achieve as gentle a birth as possible
    • are open to the possibility childbirth can be enjoyed, rather than simply endured and
    • want to learn how the body produced it’s own pain relieving chemicals when we are relaxed enough


We practice tips and tricks so you can be sure you know how to truly relax and you will be able to access this state when you give birth to your baby

Be Kind To Yourself

Birth You In Love is all about giving birth with love; helping your baby to have as gentle an entrance into this world as possible. But also about birthing yourself in love. You’re going to be becoming a mother that transition is beautiful and special but it can also be hard. There are constant choices to be made about how you parent and I aim to help you to trust in your instincts.

If you are in Manchester, Cheshire or Stockport and would like to study KG Hypnobirthing, or would like a springboard session to help you on your way to your own calm and positive birth experience , or  want to learn with me on Skype, feel free to get in touch.

With Love,

Kati x

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