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“Letting Go” – My Latest Spoken Word Poem on Birth

Letting Go

When it was my turn to give birth I had to learn to let go –

To let go of my mum’s voice telling me it’s the worst thing ever,

To let go of the images in my head of trauma and pain,

And being told what to do as I lay there in terror.

I wanted to be in control. I wanted to remain whole

And be present when she arrived. To hold her skin to skin.

To give her the gentlest entrance I could into this world

So she wouldn’t be scared, when she emerged from within.

Because when we birth undisturbed our hormones naturally relieve pain,
Contractions come at intervals to give us respite from the strain –
When we’re on our own time we know this, there’s so much we could gain
From listening to ourselves, being listened to and not needing to explain.

Like a marathon runner trains for that one big race

Mind and body can be prepared and your birthing space

Techniques can be practiced to keep your breathing calm

Making choices that you feel can keep away the harm

Because while we can’t always absolutely guarantee

That birth will stick to the exact plan that you want to see

We can stack the odds in our favour to help us create

A calm space to free our wisdom, our knowledge that’s innate

From maiden to mother, a journey like no other

Trusting the process, allowing the progress

Accessing that innate wisdom inside

Our instinctive power that acts as our guide.

                                Words by Kati Edwards and Ben Mellor

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