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You’re Having A Baby: What Questions About Do You Ask Yourself About Birth?

What questions do you need to ask?

When it comes to thinking about the birth, what questions might you ask yourself? Here are some questions you might want to consider:

What ‘kind’ of birth do I want? a physiological (natural) birth, a ‘hypnobirth’, a caesarean birth?

What ‘kind’ of childbirth do I want to avoid?

How do I feel about giving birth?

How do I feel about becoming a mother?

Excited, anxious, supported, worried?

What do I know about how my body works when my baby is being born?

Why will knowing what my body is doing help my experience?

Which hormones make childbirth work best and does my state of mind and the environment impact on the creation of those hormones?

Where will I have my baby?

At home, in a birth centre, or in hospital?

What options do I have re. place of birth?

Which place of birth will give me the best chance of me getting the experience I want?

Is hospital the best and safest option for me and my baby?

What do the statistics of different birth options look like to help me make that decision?

What does the Birthplace Study have to say regarding place of birth? http://bit.ly/BirthplaceDecisionsNHS

What are the benefits of a home birth? http://bit.ly/SarahBuckleyHomeBirth

Am I ‘allowed’? http://bit.ly/SarahWickhamAmIAllowed


Who do I want to be there?

Who will give me all their energy on the day my baby decides to be born?

Who do I not want to be there? I do not want to be babysitting anyone on that day.

Do I want to use the NHS or hire an independent midwife?

Do I want the luxury of a doula to guide me through all the options, help me gather information and support me when my baby is born?

What is a doula anyway? http://bit.ly/WhatDoulasDo

What does giving birth feel like?

Are there any mental tools I can practice to help me cope with the sensations of childbirth?

What drugs are available, are they necessary and what are the side effects of those drugs to me, my baby and the course of the birth?

What resources will help me practice these tools?

Who knows all about this shit so I can save time and make sure I’ve got it all covered?

How can I prevent tearing?

Why are some midwives and doulas always banging on about how breathing and relaxing is SO important in childbirth?

What kind of breathing helps the baby come out most effectively?

What birthing environment will enable me to relax the most?

Why did Michel Odent say that ‘orgasm’ and ‘childbirth’ are ‘one event separated by time’?

How do I really want it all to go and what can I do to help myself achieve that?


There are many questions you might ask yourself when you’re having a baby and these are some of them. If you’ve given birth before, what questions did you ask yourself? Or if you are pregnant now, what questions are you asking yourself?

Please share to all pregnant mamas to help open their mind to the choices available and make childbirth a better and safer experience for everyone.


And if you would like to know more about your options, learn self-hypnosis (hypnobirthing) or have a doula in Manchester, Cheshire or Stockport or via Skype, please PM me to find out more. Massive Love, Kati x

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