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A poem: Why I Love Teaching Hypnobirthing and my Hypnobirthing Clients…

Oxytocin in Childbirth

I love how they’re drawn to me, they think outside the box

They’re wanting something different, a touch unorthodox

They often ride the broken beat, know guidelines aren’t the law

And want to know what they can do, they know there’s something more

To support themselves though the birth process, to stack the odds up high
They want to know what they can do, and how, and when and why
They practice the exercises, a mental mind gym workout
To learn to trust and have confidence, to cast away the doubt

They’re sometimes told they’re ‘not allowed’, their thinking is impaired
The clients that are drawn to me are often tense and scared
But with the skills of hypnobirthing, they understand the process
And the mind body connection, that maximises progress

With both feet in the system, we’re sometimes missing out
But armed with information, your choices have more clout
We can’t expect to be told everything, there simply isn’t time
Or money in the system, we have to stand in line

With knowledge of the process, you can change your destiny
It always makes a difference, to the outcome that you see
You learn to be empowered, like the goddess that you are
And the skills you learn, you take with you, to places near and far
You teach them to your children, and family and friends
A new lens to cleanse and make amends, you’re raising up the bar

So call me, if you feel my classes are really right for you
You never know, it could just be the best thing you ever do?

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