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7 reasons Why Planning Your Baby’s Birth Is like Planning Your Wedding Day

At first thought, the planning of these two events may not be comparable. Often people prepare for a wedding within an inch of their lives but not as much planning, time or expense goes into the preparation of a birth. Perhaps this is because people don’t see a need or perhaps it is because they don’t know they CAN.

But there are many similarities…

Here are my 8 top tips when planning either or…

1. Explore ALL your options when it comes to ENVIRONMENT. What choices do you have? Ask around… Read reviews if there are any and plump for the one that ticks your boxes and feels right to you. You will need to be where you want to be for things to run as smoothly as possible

2. Think carefully about WHO you want with you on that day and prepare them well for the proceedings. You probably don’t want Great Auntie Ettie heckling you with her cynicism during the main event or Uncle Bob cracking rubbish jokes and distracting you. Ideally, you’ll only want people who trust the process and believe in what you’re there to do. Make sure your partner is well versed in exactly what they need to do

3. Expect to be QUEEN BEE for the day. On the special day, expect to be waited on hand and foot. Expect others to HYDRATE you. You don’t need to be fetching your own drinks!

4. We can’t guarantee 100% that things will go as planned but you’ll only get ONE chance to birth this baby or have this wedding day, so do your RESEARCH and plan for it just the way you want it

5. Take care to create your environment, set up your support and make preparations mentally, physically and emotionally, you’ll have a better chance of things going well

6. If you’ve done it before and it didn’t go as well as you’d hoped, how can it be DIFFERENT this time?

7. Look forward and BE EXCITED to the day. Relaxation, especially deep relaxation, in the run up will really help clear your mind. The horror stories you’ve seen in soap operas are not something you need to focus on. This is YOUR day, not theirs.
It’s your special day. How do you want it to be and what can you do to make that happen?

If you feel you need some support with making the preparations for your birth day, the EMPOWER YOURSELF course may be just what you need. I can show you the key things you need to know, the areas you can explore so you will be in control on your SPECIAL day. DM me for more details.

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