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Vikky’s HBA2C Interview (Home Birth After 2 Caesarians)


I am so grateful to Vikky for sharing her story of a home birth after 2 Caesarians to help other women who are contemplating birth after caesarian.

After 2 births resulting in Caesarian, Vikky wanted her 3rd baby’s birth to be different.

She wanted a physiological birth.

She always felt the first 2 Caesarian’s were unnecessary.

After a great deal of research, Vikky decided the safest place for her to plan to give birth was at home.

She found midwives who would support her choice, did the Birth You In Love KG Hypnobirthing Course with me and hired me as her doula.

She prepared mentally and physically for the best birth possible.

Her 3rd baby’s birth was indeed different.

A home birth after 2 Caesarians.

Here is Vikky, baby Amari and me a few days after his beautiful birth.

Amari 6 days old


Vikky admits she had no idea birth could be prepared for when she had her first baby, aged 19. She had no toolkit to deal with what was happening.

She was on the conveyor belt of care that doesn’t necessarily put women at the centre of their care and results too often in unnecessary intervention.

Tristan 2001

And her 2nd Hospital birth in 2013 had a similar outcome. Vikky felt that the medicalisation of her baby’s birth could have been avoided.

But baby Amari’s birth certainly was different.

There were no unnecessary interventions, no bright lights and no strangers in her birth space.

Just Vikky and her husband, her midwife and me, her doula.


This picture was taken 24 minutes before baby Amari was born. Vikky is supported by her husband Roger. The towel on her head is helping to keep her cool and dark. Low tech can work well!

24 mins before

This picture was taken only 6 minutes before baby Amari was born.

Vikky was nodding off between the surges using the techniques she’d learnt from KG Hypnobirthing.

And a bit of gas and air!

Gas and Air 6 - 8 mins before Amari's birth

And 6 minutes later baby Amari arrived into the warm water of the pool and into Vikky’s arms.

It was an incredible moment.

I think Vikky was the happiest women in NW England!


I am incredibly grateful to Vikky for letting me be part of her journey and allowing me to document her amazing story in the hope her experiences will help other women preparing for a vaginal birth after Caesarian.

Vikky has given her permission for you to share her story among your networks.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss learning KG Hypnobirthing with me (in person or over Skype), or you would like to discuss me being your doula.

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