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Speak My Language: My New Birth Poem


Yesterday morning, instead of doing my bookkeeping, I wrote this poem ‘Speak My Language’. It’s the first poem I’ve written for a while.

It’s had more than 4000 views last time I checked on my facebook page, lots of lovely comments and I’m feeling the love.

I called it ‘Speak My Language’ because in order to give birth most effectively we need to be relaxed. Our care providers need to understand what we want and for that to happen we need to understand what options we have available and make our own assessment as to what is right for us…

Speak My Language

Would you be so kind,

Instead of writing I’ve refused

You could write that I’ve declined


When terms used are so much softer

Equal relationships can prosper

And I know you are an expert in whatever that you do

But I’m encased in my own body and I’m an expert in that too!


So that makes us kind of equal

When there’s choices to be made

And so I’d like to know the evidence

A balanced argument conveyed


This child inside’s my baby

And I’ll always make decisions

That feel right for our family

And are aligned with our visions


Please don’t talk through the surges

Because I need to concentrate

I need to focus on my body

And relax my mental state

The surges through my body, the sensations that I’ll feel

Give me time and hold my space, and the pleasure can be real


But if you meddle and you mess and bring fear into the room

My energy will be weakened and my confidence can’t bloom

I need that trust to set me free, to believe that I can

So please Healthcare provider, can you follow my birth plan?

Kati Edwards  ©2017


We need to be involved in our care and we need to understand what is happening.

It’s no good if care providers are using unfamiliar language. The best health professionals explain really carefully what our options are and then let us decide which is the best course of action for our family.

They then support our decision.

It’s really important to take into consideration what our maternity healthcare providers tell us; midwives, obstetricians and so on.

However, there rarely is one course of action that’s the only one to take and different practitioners will of course, practice differently.


If you have any comments, please feel free to write in to me.

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Poem - Speak My Language



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