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Launching The Birth You In Love Project FREE Mini Vid Series!

BYIL Project

BYIL Project

So here it is! Drum roll please!!!

The Birth You In Love Project

Mini-Vid Series!

Our strapline is birth ideas worth sharing!

They’re a springboard to empowering yourself to be informed in the choices you make and take fear of birth out of the equation.

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18 months in the making.

A project I thought would take me 2 months. O well. I’m ever the optimist!


So for a bit of background…

The birth of my second child Seraphina appeared on BBC1 in a  documentary Chilbirth: All Or Nothing.

Seraphina's Birth

So grateful for this moment!

After the show aired, I got amazing feedback . So many people contacted me to say thank you as the show opened their eyes to how birth can be.

But the thing is, that kind of birth didn’t happen by accident.

I had to unlearn everything I knew to be true about birth and gain a new understanding of what I could do to give myself the best chance of avoiding intervention.

Ultimately, I had t feel safe enough to let go. To surrender to the process.

I had to have people around me who truly understood how birth works best.

For this to happen, I had to feel safe, uninhibited, supported and prepared.

In this situation, our hormones take us to a state of ecstasy and give us the best chance of birthing naturally and being able to breastfeed more comfortably.

After the show aired, I felt really passionate I had more to say.

There is so much fear surrounding birth and this has to change.

Because fear creates tension and that creates pain

When we learn to relax, we can manage the strain!

I was lucky to have met a few people who set me on a different path. People who had really positive birth experiences. Their babies weren’t just delivered safely but these people actually felt empowered by their experiences.

And this should be a reality for everyone!

Many people aren’t so fortunate.

If you’re surrounded by people who:

  • had shit births
  • experienced trauma or unmanageable pain
  • felt out of control
  • didn’t know they had choices and options

how the f*%k could you ever know birth can be amazing, ecstatic and transformational.

Who tells you that shit?

That’s why I wanted to make The Birth You In Love Project!


At first, I wanted to make my ‘top tips’.

That kind of thing would have interested me when I was first pregnant. But I struggled to find this information.

Growing up I had no idea birth could be awesome.

I had grown up with the idea childbirth was the worst thing ever. An idea planted by by mother who had had me in hospital. She hadn’t prepared to feel any pain and when she did despite having an epidural she had no tools to manage the sensations she was feeling. Then she got an infection and stayed in hospital for more than 2 weeks. Not the best start you might agree!

So when it came to my turn to give birth, I was petrified!

But when I discovered, during the course of my pregnancy birth didn’t need to be like that, I set myself on a mission to learn what I could to avoid that scenario if at all possible.

And in this mini-vid series, I share some of the things I learnt which I believe should be available to everyone!

I thank the NHS for teaching me to Masters level to read the research and critically think about what can be done differently (my Masters is from the University of Manchester in Advanced Practice Interventions in Mental Health and my first degree was a Joint Honours in Psychology and Criminology from Keele University).?

I thank the midwives, doulas and women who’d birthed before me who helped me along the way.

When I started the project I wasn’t a birth worker although I had facilitated sessions for the Positive Birth Movement at festivals.

I thought this project would take me a couple of weeks but I realised the films needed a structure.

So rather than videoing random top tips, the first idea I came up with was a model to house the videos: ESP; Environment, Support and Preparation (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).

But that didn’t really sit with me very well because it’s not ESP you need to give birth, it’s the opposite of Extra Sensory Perception! It’s an innate knowing. Trusting your instincts from within.

So I thought hard. Then one day in a dream it came to me!


The structure of the video series, my future course, online programme and workshop sessions…

The acronym EMPOWER is…

ENVIRONMENT (providing an environment conducive to the birth process and how environment can hinder the process)
MENTAL PREPARATION (mental tools to use, fear release and so on)
PHYSICAL PREPARATION. (Staying active, possible birth positions etc)
WATER (using it and being like water as birth doesn’t always go to plan A)
EXTENSION (That’s of yourself. Your support network with you at the centre)
and RELAXATION (because breathing is key)

So that’s it! Some of my story.

I interviewed some amazing people for the project: Dr Tracey Cooper, Natalie Qureshi, Emma Gleave, Michelle Every, Mark Harris , the One to One Midwives Jo Lambers, Karen Fagin, Claire Braithwaite, Debbie Brunt, and we made a fab breastfeeding series with Emma Pickett too.

I thank them all from the bottom of my heart!

And the videos are all available for FREE.

I will continue to launch them this week.

Please recommend them to your friends.

Massive love and huge gratitude

Kati x❤️??

Throw away what you ever knew to be true about birth and start again

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