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Is Hypnobirthing for you?


If you’ve been wondering whether Hypnobirthing is for you…

Meet Sarah.


Sarah is having a baby.

This baby is not her first and despite the gerberas and the well wishes, when she thinks about this baby’s birth, she feels trepidation.

She is planning a natural birth.

Last time she gave birth, it didn’t go the way she had hoped.

And once the baby was born, she didn’t feel the way she had hoped she would.

And this went on… for months.

She’s still not 100% sure those feelings have gone away.

Sarah had done some birth preparation. She went to the classes.

She thought it would be enough.

Sarah had done some yoga.

She thought that would be enough.

She’d read about Hypnobirthing and she thought it would be OK.

This time, ideally Sarah doesn’t want a Caesarean section.

She wants it to be natural.

When she thinks about this baby’s birth, she feels anxious.


THIS TIME she wants to be in control.

She wants to know she has the right tools to stay calm.

She wants to feel supported in her wishes.

Sarah wants to release the negativity she is currently feeling because she knows it’s not healthy for her or the baby.

She has heard about Hypnobirthing and thinks it maybe sounds a bit weird, but she interested in finding out more and she thinks it sounds like the kind of thing that will enable her to be in control.

If you are currently feeling like Sarah, please get in touch with me.

I help women, just like Sarah, to experience birth as one of the best days of their lives.

Working with women just like Sarah, I help them to release any fears or anxieties they may have and so they can approach this baby’s birth with love and confidence.

This is so important because it means you can start parenthood with your baby feeling strong; empowering yourself  in pregnancy which brings with it massive benefits. You’ll be more relaxed and calm, free from the fear hormones which affect you and your baby. You will know what your options are and how to best navigate the maternity system … you will learn things that often you just aren’t told in mainstream birth education and you’ll understand the evidence base so you can make the best decisions for you. You’ll experience deep relaxation on a level you never thought possible.

And you’ll be stacking the odds in your favour for a positive birth experience you can share this with your daughters, your sons and your friends.

Birth is supposed to feel amazing and I help you to take control and own your birth experience stacking the odds in your favour for the best experience possible.


I’m a KGHypnobirthing Teacher, a KGHypnobirthing Teacher Trainer and a Doula Uk recognised Birth Doula based in Ramsbottom and I serve women based in Manchester, Bolton and worldwide via Skype.

I work with first time mums as well as mums who have given birth before who are wanting a very different experience to last time.

Don’t be put off by the ‘Hypno’ word; it really is all based on logic, physiology and sense!

I currently, have 3 spaces available on my next KG Hypnobirthing group course and 2 spaces available for private 1:1 clients.

If you would like more information, please email [email protected] and I’ll send you more details, or alternatively book a call with me or phone me on 07967 622884 to see how I can help you.

KG Hypnobirthing








Kati Edwards
Birth You In Love
Facebook: Birth You In Love
Twitter: @KatiBYIL #birthyouinlove
Instagram: birth.you.in.love
Mobile: 07967 622884

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