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6 Reasons People Take Independent Hypnobirthing Classes

gorgeous baby

gorgeous baby

Independent hypnobirthing is becoming increasingly popular for people who want to avoid unnecessary interventions and feel calm and confident during their baby’s births.

But why? Isn’t there enough to think about? Who even cares?

You’re having a baby. You might have thought about the pram, the nursery colours, even what kind of nappies or sling you might use.

But until now, you’ve not thought that much about birth education.

Perhaps you’re hoping that the birth will just go away!

Or wishing you don’t have to do it.

Perhaps you feel OK about the birth but just want to know what you can do to make it all go as smoothly as possible?

How can you help yourself manage the sensations you’ll feel in the most natural way possible?

Maybe you’re wondering whether bodies even were designed to birth babies?

Let It Be Smooth

If you’re like me, you’ll want the birth itself to go as smoothly as possible.

Like the logistics at Glastonbury Festival, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but if you know the short cuts, you’ll get where you want  to be faster and more easily.

There’s no doubt about it. Your baby is coming out somehow.

If you go to your NHS antenatal classes (which I recommend), you’ll get an understanding of how the medical model works. It’s likely you’ll learn about their procedures, how their service works and {{ coughs loudly}} what happens to you if you’re a ‘good’ patient, i.e. if you accept everything on offer.

You’ll gain an understanding of all the pain medications on offer but you are unlikely to be offered a choice of all the natural options available.

You’ll probably never find out about all the Independent practitioners qualified to help make your baby’s birth go as smoothly as possible.

You’re unlikely to have learnt and practiced the many natural ways that can reduce pain to a manageable level, or all the ways your birth partner can be the best possible birth partner.

Being super informed can really help you rock your birth like you never thought possible.

 Why are Independent Hypnobirthing Classes Useful?

Historically, we’ve expected mainstream education on birth to tell us what we need to know and prepare us for entering parenthood in the best way but we are finding more and more this doesn’t always happen.

You only need to ask around and you’ll hear horror stories which I won’t go into here.

And frankly it’s not fair. Ultimately, women are rarely being given the best chance of birthing their babies naturally unless they understand how birth works. Increasingly, these people are needing to  take a route that’s different from the majority.

We only need to look at the statistics. The World Health Organisation suggests that the Caesarian rate in the Western World should be no more than 12% for ‘low risk’ mothers , but many hospitals have rates of 26-30%. Some even greater.

That means at least 14% of women having a baby are having unnecessary caesarians!

I know when I was having my babies, I did not want to be part of that statistic and perhaps you don’t either?

The key is to be informed and to understand what you can do to empower yourself towards a better birth experience.

If you didn’t know birth could be prepared for, think again.

If you thought birth ‘just happened’ and there is nothing we can do to influence the outcome or the experience we have, know this isn’t the case.

Hypnobirthing always makes a difference.

So the 6 reasons why you might want to invest in this Independent Birth Preparation Course? 


  1. get a deeper understanding of all your choices and options so you can choose the course of action that’s right for you
  2. learn a toolkit of different mental tools to help yourself manage the sensations
  3. find out how the social model of birth often works better to control the sensations you feel
  4. get an understanding of flaws in the system and how to work with it as opposed to against it
  5. stack the odds in your favour for the birth to go your way
  6. meet other mums and dads to be who are already on your wavelength to help support you through those early days

More and more people are turning to independent practitioners to help them access the best care when their baby arrives.

The current system is a one size fits all approach.  Most people don’t question it. But the problem is that many people don’t fit into that bracket.

If you’re the questioning sort, like me, you’ll want to be in possession of the facts so you can make your own decisions so your birth flows as smoothly as possible!

So, if you’re in reach of Manchester, please join us on 26th Jan 2017 as we embark on

Birth– The Revolution

It’s Birth You In Love’s KG Hypnobirthing Course)

You’ll learn how to support yourself to have the best experience possible as well as being a safe.

It’s designed for mum and dad to learn together.You like to be in control in all other areas of your life so why not your baby’s birth?

Who Am I?

I’m Kati Edwards, MSc, BSc and Dip(HB) and I help women just like you to have the best possible birth experience.

I want you to know your rights and have a mental toolkit to deal with anything that comes up. Wouldn’t it be great to have a heap of ways to deal with the sensations you’ll feel? I want you to find your tribe. Having a great support network can really help.


pagan altar

Where and When

We have a gorgeous space in the function room downstairs at The Spreadeagle, Chorlton, Manchester with free parking and our own private entrance. It starts on 26 Jan 2017, 7-9.30pm.


1: 26 Jan 2017, 7-9.30pm

2: 02 Feb 2017, 7-9.30pm

3: 09 Feb 2017, 7-9.30pm

4: 16 Feb 2017, 7-9.30pm


The cost is £245 which includes all necessary materials for you to take away and practice at home.

When you arrive at Birth: The Revolution on Thursday 26th January 2017…

You’ll gain;

  • deep understanding of how birth works so you can work with your body as opposed to against it
  • an understanding of why it’s so important to be informed
  • precious practice time and tips and tricks to help you relax deeply, just like you need to during the birth of your baby
  • a outline of where to find the best information
  • an understanding of how your environment and how you feel is inextricably linked with how easily your baby’s birth progresses

There will be;

  • lots of partner work so your partner has a vital role to play in your baby’s birth and this sets you both off on the best foot
  • plenty of discussion time so you can make friends with likeminded folk and set yourself up with a support network ahead of the birth

So when you’ve done the 4 week course you will know how to:

  • take control of your birth experience;
  • have ‘tools’ and techniques to manage the ‘pain’ or sensations you feel
  • maintain calm by using the self-hypnosis techniques
  • set up your support so your birth partner, if you have one, is your ultimate wingman (or woman!)
  • ask the right questions so you can make the decisions that are right for you
  • set up your environment so it is conducive to the birthing process
  • you’ll be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally so you get the best possible birth on the day
  • look forward to your babies birth knowing you’ve got it all covered and
  • ‘stack the odds’ in your favour for you to get the kind of birth you want

birth goddess

KG Hypnobirthing

KG Hypnobirthing

The materials and bonuses you will receive as part of this course are:

  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves
  • Parent Course Notes KG Hypnobirthing  (E-version)
  • Men, Love and Birth by Mark Harris AND
  • a free Private 1/2 Skype or phone session before the course starts so we get to meet each other before the course starts and I get to see where you are at and what you want to get from the course

So please do contact me to book your space or to find out more!

With Love,

Kati x

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