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6 Things You Can Do IN-BETWEEN ‘Contractions’


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Using visualisations in labour can be really helpful. Especially when the visualisations are connected to the breathe.

But one of these things I didn’t realise until I was actually in labour for the first time is that in between ‘contractions’ there is no ‘pain’.

I say this with a tiny bit of hesitation, because it’s not true for ALL women. But it is for MOST.

Perhaps I’ve been hiding under a bush for too long or spent too long on the dance floor but actually no-one ever told me.

And I’ve lost count of the number of women who also didn’t know this.

So this blog is all about sharing this information and giving some ideas of what you can do in-between contractions.


For most women, the surges come and go.

Like waves.

The wave builds and builds and BUILDS and BUILDS till you get to the top and then it FALLS away again.

You get space in between.

Time to refocus.

It may not be very long but there is space nonetheless.

birth goddess


When the surges get closer together it’s possible to focus on the next one before it’s even arrived. You could worry about it or dread it even.

But that worry simply causes tension. You’re pushing it away as opposed to embracing it.

And with the knowledge that each surge is a good thing, i.e. it’s bringing you closer to your baby, what can you do to welcome your baby in the most comfortable way.


So the question is, what can you do in that in-between space instead?


  1. Refocus. If you focus on the present rather than the future or the past you will save your energy.
  2. Be proud of yourself. You’ve just ridden the last wave.  And you can ride the next one
  3. Take yourself back to your essence. You might like to turn your mind to your breathing to do this. Switch off your thinking brain just as you’d do in the practice of meditation or yoga
  4. Breathe. Breathe slowly, deeply and calmly. We produce oxytocin, the hormone of love as we breathe OUT. Oxytocin is the hormone that makes labour progress more effectively. So if you do a slightly longer breath out than you do a breath in, you’ll be helping your labour flow more easily. Say an in breath for a count of 4 and an out breath for a count of 7.
  5. Flip your mind so you’re looking forward to the next surge. The next surge might not be as strong. It might even be orgasmic. Who knows? Look up orgasmic birth or ecstatic birth if you don’t know what I’m talking about. This is the subject of a future blog!
  6. Surrender. The sensations are strong but they are not stronger than you. The more you relax, the less intense they will be. Allow your body to do what it needs to by focusing on relaxation.Candle 3

So I hope you like these ideas. And that’s exactly what they are. Simply ideas. You’ll do your own thing. As I always say, take what works for you and leave the bits that don’t. You’ll find your own way.

Look out for a future blog where I’ll be writing about ideas of what you can do DURING the surges!

And look out for a future blog on LANGUAGE where I explain why I put ‘contractions’ in quotation marks. Language is important and we’ll find out why!

News and Events

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Here is Mark’s latest blog for dads to be: 5 Reasons Why You ‘Should’ Get Ready For Her Birth.

Birth Preparation EventMark Harris

So that’s it from me. My next group Hypnobirthing Course is in April and I have a couple of slots for 1:1 Private Hypnobirthing Courses coming up soon so get in touch if you want to find out more.

Massive Love,

Kati x






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