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Toddler Breakthroughs and The Importance Of The Birthing Environment!!!

Matilda and Seraphina

Hey Lovely,

Hope all is well with you

This blog is all about birth place  but before I move on let me tell you about tonight’s win!

Tonight I had a break though! Before I had kids I thought I was the most patient person ever! I’d (almost) always be super tolerant and rarely would things get to me. But it turns out that is no longer the case!

Now that I have kids.

Matilda and Seraphina

These are the little treasures that chose me to be their mama.

I love them dearly but it’s not easy.

I feel I am constantly dreaming up new ways to turn things into games or make things fun or even just make things happen.

And if I have any wins I love to share them with you on my blog! If you don’t have toddlers yet, you can store up these gems of wisdom and if you do, you’ll know what I mean. Perhaps you can share your wins back with me!

Teeth brushing time can be a particularly arduous time especially when my incredibly independent toddler refuses to let me brush her teeth.

Sometimes we’re in a rush. Like most mornings when I need to drop my 5 year old at school. My toddler wants to clean her teeth all by herself.

And she’ll attempt to brush her tongue.

Her face.

Maybe the front few teeth.

The sink even!

But not ALL her teeth.

And she DOES NOT want to give me the tooth brush.

Supervised brushing is necessary, I feel.

And I while I believe she can do it for a while, at some point I do feel I need to step in and make sure they ALL get brushed.

I feel like I tried everything; waiting patiently, brushing teddy’s teeth, brushing my teeth at the same time, her holding the tooth brush with me, tooth brushing songs, character toothbrushes, positive re-inforcement, toothy tales, telling her what’s coming up next and so it goes on.

Daddy says HE has less of a problem. This was evident last night when she said sternly as she was messing around, “Seraphina, LET MUMMY BRUSH YOUR TEETH!’ and in the sweetest little voice ever she said ‘OK then! and gave me the toothbrush and opened her mouth. Bingo!

So tonight, as the usual shenanigans started, I said, ‘Let’s PRETEND I’m daddy!” And I said in a daddy voice, ‘”Seraphina, LET MUMMY BRUSH YOUR TEETH!’ And she said ‘OK then!’ and gave me the toothbrush, opened her mouth and let me clean them! BINGO!

Whether it works tomorrow, I don’t know but right now I feel I have won at life! Small wins I know!

Anyway, back to birth, the main reason I guess you’re here!

Your birthing environment is important because it’s necessary to feel, safe, comfortable and uninhibited so you can give birth in the most comfortable way.

In this video I made for The Birth You In Love Project, a FREE video resource to help you consider all the things you need to consider for a safe and comfortable birth, I talk all about the importance of your birthing environment.

In this one, I interviewed Dr Tracey Cooper. She’s an eminent midwife researcher.

I think it’s worth looking into each of the places of birth which should be available to you with an open mind so you can make your own decisions; i.e. a home birth, a freestanding midwifery unit, an attached midwifery unit (to a hospital) and a consultant led hospital.

All the statistics from the Birthplace Study are at near the end of the video before the credits and you’ll get some great tips on how to prepare your birthing environment no matter where you choose to give birth!

I know all these stats are from low risk women. We don’t yet have great evidence for many complications. If you have complications, it’s worth assessing these on an individual basis. Perhaps I can help you with that or maybe you could use The Association For Improving Maternity Services (AIMS) who are brilliant with the evidence.

I also know of course you might not have 4 options of place of birth available to you. But it might be worth asking which ones are.

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, let me know!


With Love

Kati x

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