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How do you feel about the TV show One Born Every Minute?

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How do you feel about the TV show One Born Every Minute?

Does it conjure up feelings of joy and happiness at little babies being born or are you left seething at the outdated practices which instil fear and increase the pain of #women?

One Born Every Minute (OBEM) was the reason I had my home water birth on BBC1!

Seraphina’s Birth on BBC1’s Childbirth All Or Nothing

I watched OBEM for the first time whilst #pregnant with my first baby.

I’m the kind of person who is very instinctive. I’m sensitive to energies and have always been.

When I watched that show, something just didn’t look right to me. It made no sense that these women seemed so scared and fearful. They were all lying on their backs puffing on gas and air or with an epidural in situ. Despite the drugs, they didn’t look happy.

‘Why can cats and dogs and horses and sheep give birth with relative ease and why are humans having so much trouble?’

I set about trying to find out what was going on.

As a result, I learnt it was because these animals are left to their own devices.

And I learnt that when women are left to their own devices, we birth much better too!

This journey led me to some great discoveries.

I learnt how the physiology of birth works and how the environment impacts on your birthing hormones.

I learnt how to stay in control.

One Born Every Minute whilst showing a variety of hospital births, i.e. water births, ones with and without epidurals (mostly with to be fair), ones that happen fast or slow, they are still hospital births and believe me, they are different from a birth that is not medicalised. Very different.

Actually what I see on that show now is women who are not prepared and birth partners who have no idea what to do.

It’s not their fault.

It’s just mainstream education just doesn’t give them what they need.

If it did, people would be making different choices left right and centre and the system would implode.

Keeping women uniformed is fuelling the status quo and helping the broken system to hang in there by it’s threads.

Staffing levels are too low and so women are required to do as they are told. The problem is birth doesn’t work like that.

The woman needs to be in control.

When you’ve experienced and been present at births where women are undisturbed, the difference between those and medicalised births are startling.

At births where women feel empowered to make the choices that are right for them, when they are not hampered by routine vaginal examinations which do not serve a woman or in fact, mean anything, women tend to do better.

This said, it really is all about choice. Feeling safe really is key. Some women do better in a medicalised environment because that’s where they feel safe.


Now I’m a doula, a KG Hypnobirthing teacher and trainer, a birth conference speaker and I’ve had my baby on TV!

We hardly ever get to see undisturbed births on mainstream TV.

We only ever see women screaming on their backs.


This article was brought about by an article in the Mail Online today. For once I actually agree with the content of the Mail despite the rather sensationalist headline

‘It’s damaging for women’: Expert slams One Born Any Minute for showing mothers screaming their way through labour – and insists it doesn’t have to be ‘harrowing’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5656467/Expert-slams-One-Born-Minute-showing-mothers-screaming.html#ixzz5DoPSFmcb

That expert is Rosie Goode who is a Hypnobirthing practitioner who has been present at 2500 births over 14 years.

I couldn’t agree with her more; birth doesn’t have to be harrowing and if you choose a good teacher, embrace the philosophy, the skills you’ll learn in KG Hypnobirthing will help you even if birth doesn’t go to Plan A.

KG Hypnobirthing is brilliant in a straighforward birth but it also gives you the skills to have a positive experience even if you end up with more intervention than you’d originally planned.

BBC1’s Childbirth All Or Nothing

Many people have told me that the BBC1 show “Childbirth All Or Nothing” changed their perceptions of birth and made them think about planning their births in a different way.

Of course, birth doesn’t always go to plan A but it’s far more likely to if we feel safe and supported and if we are in a familiar environment with people that we know and trust.

I feel so sorry for these women in OBEM many of them who know no different.

It’s not birth. It’s oppression!

What are your thoughts on One Born Every Minute?

#HypnobirthingTV #Oneborneveryminute

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