As well as my birth poetry, I am also available to speak in a more conventional sense at study days, workshops and birth conferences.


Here are some speaking engagements so far:

“Supporting Women’s Choices in Place of Birth”, Salford Midwifery Society Conference  – Kati Edwards and Cathy Brewster

“Changing A Generation of Thinking on Birth”, Harrogate Study Day  – Kati Edwards

“Confidence, Positivity, Empowerment”, Bradford Midwifery Society Conference – Kati Edwards

“A Toolkit For Intuitive Birthing”, Manchester Home Birth Conference – Kati Edwards

“What Is A Doula and Do I Need One?”, Salford Baby Show


I believe parents to be need to be both informed and supported in the decisions that feel right for them.

We need the system to work well for the people whom it supports. They need to be given the best chance of, not only birthing safely, but getting the birth they want.

I was an Ambassador for Doula UK in 2016 so if you need a speaker to talk about what a doula does, give me a shout.

I also facilitate a workshop about supporting women’s choices with Cathy Brewster from the Greater Manchester Homebirth Group.

Home birth isn’t the right choice for everyone but I do believe home birth as a viable option for many more women than the 2% currently giving birth at home.

To book me or register your interest, please send me a message.

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