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First of all congratulations on your pregnancy! It’s fab that you’re considering a doula to support you on your journey. It means you think outside the box and I am a fan of out the box thinking, especially when it comes to maternity care.

The classic, standard mainstream route isn’t always the best fit and doesn’t always get us what we want.

Being chosen as someone’s doula and supporting them to work towards the best birth possible is a pretty awesome job.

I am also a Teacher Trainer for KG Hypnobirthing, the UK’s premier brand of hypnobirthing, the founder of Birth You In Love, a campaigner for better births and I was an ambassador for Doula UK in 2016. I am also trained in Dancing For Birth so I help my clients understand how they can use movement to help birth their babies.

As your birth doula, I’m a bit like your birth PA. I can help you with whatever you need to help your birth go pregnancy and birth go smoothly: whether that’s finding relevant evidence based information (I have an BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Advanced Practice Interventions in Mental Health), helping you prepare for a calm birth, advocating for you with your care team or simply being there at the end of a telephone when you need to chat or run something by me.

If you’re looking for a birth doula and considering who to have, you might like me if:

  1. You’d like someone trained in Hypnobirthing to help keep your birth space calm
  2. You want to look at all angles to give yourself as gentle a birth as possible
  3. You don’t mind putting in the practice to help yourself stack the odds in your favour for a positive birth experience
  4. You understand the importance of the mind-body connection and want to work on this to help your birth go as smoothly as possible
  5. You’d like to learn some mental tools to help you stay calm on the day your baby decides to be born
  6. You want to uphold your rights in childbirth and be confident to ask questions
  7. You’d like an advocate to help you get the gentle birth you want
  8. You’d like help finding the latest research and the best articles (I know you can do this yourself but having a PA makes it so much easier!)
  9. Your birth partner (if you have one) is happy to be involved. You feel it would be good for them to hear tips on how to be a really great birth partner. Note: If you won’t have a birth partner on the day for whatever reason, I can be your Number 1 birth partner.
  10. In life generally, you like to take the natural approach first, especially when it comes to  medicine and supplements. You question the benefits and risks and only take them if you feel it’s really necessary.
  11. You are LGBT or have had previous mental health difficulties and you want someone who understands any issues you are facing
  12. As a doula, I will fully support you in your choices no matter what kind of birth you are planning. I absolutely LOVE home births but I will support you 100% should you choose to plan a vaginal birth in a birth centre, a hospital or if you’re planning an elective section.

And for fun, we might get on particularly well if;

  1. You love music. I’m a drummer and play in a band called Drum Machine
  2. You think there’s nothing better that waving your arms in the air with friends watching your favourite band or dj at a festival
  3. You’d love to carry your baby in a sling and/ or use cloth nappies
  4. You want to create a strong attachment to your children; to encourage them to think for themselves and be happy and productive members of society

My role is flexible and my support package can be tailored to you and your family.

If you think we could be a good fit, do contact me to arrange an initial consultation and we’ll go from there:-)

With Love 

Kati X

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