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First Time Mum’s Beautiful Home Water Birth 2020: 10 Gorgeous Photos

For some mum’s giving birth at home feels like the best option. As a doula, I love home births because they provide a calmness and familiarity other places of birth often do not.

Being part of this amazing couples journey as their doula, I can only feel immense gratitude for the privilege. This mama completely rocked her baby’s birth and Dad was a wonderful support partner. The photos are gorgeous. It was one of the most intense, challenging, powerful and beautiful births I have had the honour of being at. I shall be forever grateful to have been able to walk by their side as they entered parenthood.

I wish them all huge congratulations and I thank them for the gorgeous testimonial you’ll see below!

First time mum Baby born at home using techniques from Birth You In Love KG Hypnobirthing programme.

‘Kati was an invaluable member of my birthing team, holding my space and keeping me focused. Looking back, I had such a beautiful and positive birth, albeit a long one, Kati graciously tended to me and kept me focused on myself and the arrival of our baby. Kati’s emotional understanding and gentle approach was very welcomed in such a life changing event, I felt truly looked after and I will be forever grateful to Kati for guiding us both towards the safe and empowering arrival of our baby._’

J and R, Manchester Xxx

Please join me in wishing them all the most heartfelt congratulations.

If you’re interested in having a home birth, I highly recommend joining the Home Birth Support Group on Facebook which is a fantastic resource

PS If you are interested in having a birth doula (who can take great photos if you wish), do get in touch. I can doula in person within an hour of Ramsbottom, Manchester (BLO) or virtually if you live further away. I also teach couples how to have a positive birth experience using KG Hypnobirthing and I combine a host of other skills including dance based movement and dance, to help you have the best birth experience possible. So please get in touch.

Send an email to [email protected] for more info.


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