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Will Hypnobirthing Make A Difference?

Will Hypnobirthing make a difference?

In short, yes. It will make a difference. In fact, if you do it properly, your life will probably never be the same again!


Hypnobirthing has become a rather catch all term.

When people say they have done ‘Hypnobirthing’, it can mean:

  • reading a book on ‘Hypnobirthing’
  • taking a short course delivered by the NHS
  • undertaking a course delivered by someone who knows very little about physiological birth or the maternity  ‘system’ and how best to navigate it
  • taking a course delivered by someone who has never even been at a birth or has limited experience of birth
  • taking a course delivered by someone who has little experience of physiological birth and has only ever attended hospital births

I know this might be controversial but there really are people out there who are teaching about birth who have never given birth or even been present at a birth.

They have zero experience of the potholes that you’ll find in the maternity system.

There is no point in knowing what breaths you can do in labour if you have no idea how to ask questions and make sure you stay in control of the decisions being made.


If someone is telling you YOUR NEED TO BE INDUCED, or you CAN’T HAVE THAT HOME BIRTH YOU WANTED, or YOU NEED TO GIVE BIRTH ON THE LABOUR WARD BECAUSE THEY HAVE HIGH RISKED YOU just becaue of your age or your weight or you’re baby’s expected size, that is probably going to to cause some level of concern and most problem anxiety and fear.


Everyone wants what is best for our offspring and for ourselves.


On my Hypnobirthing course you will learn to stay in control

You’ll learn how to stack the odds in your favour for a great birth experience.


There is no point knowing how to breathe if you don;t know what your birth options truly are and the implications of those options.


On my Hypnobirthing course, I take my clients (the mums to be and their partners) on a journey.


From wherever you are right now, you will end up feeling empowered, confident and excited about the birth.



PS Enter the coupon code CALM 50 and you will receive £50 of June Hypnobirthing course.




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