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This page is for the Dads; the dads that want to be involved and do what they can to be the best birth partner they can be.

I LOVE Mark Harris’s book Men Love and Birth. It’s a great book for dads to be. A perfect gift.

Mark Harris is a male midwife of over 20 years. He’s also my former mentor and author of the Men, Love and Birth: The Book Every Pregnant Woman Wants Her Lover To Read. As such, he’s seen dad’s over the years be scared or nervous. Often they have no idea what their role in the birthing space  is when supporting their partners.

Mark’s work seeks to change all that.

I am SO impressed with the changes I’ve witnessed in all the dads I’ve directed to his work. It seems to have magical quality, helping dads be more informed, less anxious and to truly understand how they can be the best birth partner they can be. What dad wouldn’t want that?

It complements my antenatal preparation perfectly and frankly, I don’t think any dads-to-be should not have the opportunity to understand this stuff. This stuff IS going to transform birth culture because when dads get it, it’s not just women banging on about how birth really works.

With Love,

Kati x

Mark has created Birthing 4 Blokes; a new programme designed to help dads be better birth partners!

Birthing Blokes

The importance of your birth partner’s support in labour cannot be underestimated.

Dad, are you ready to don your cape and flex your super dad birth partner powers?

super dad

There’s a wealth of information out there for expectant mothers on pregnancy and birth, but so often the father has been left out of the conversation.

Mark Harris 2

The Birthing For Blokes course brings the book to life and busy dads may find the video based exercises more convenient and than reading. It takes the ideas in the book a step further.

Two of my clients were beta testers when the course was in development and I can tell you that it really makes a difference in their knowledge and confidence.

So if you’d like Dad is going to be your birth partner and you’d like him to be well versed in what to do, this course is the daddy! (excuse the pun!)

Here’s a video I made with Jonny.

Jonny and Anouska were my hypnobirthing clients and Jonny was one of the first dads ever to do the Birthing 4 Blokes online course. And as a birth partner, he totally rocked it!

Mark uses his decades of experience  working with couples as they make tMark Harrishe transition to being new parents. Speaking directly to dad, Mark really revolutionises the birth partner’s role in the birth room.

He offers a unique perspective to help you both feel super empowered as you start your parenting journey.  There’s something about the way Mark goes about describing birth that’s candid, entertaining and real. But his main insight is about how dad can work best in that environment! This stuff really makes a difference.

The Hypnobirthing course is really good at helping dads to have that all important role but this course takes it one step further. There is something about hearing it all from a man too. In my opinion, Mark’s course in conjunction with hypnobirthing is the gold standard of birth education.

Dear Dad,

On the course, you’ll learn through experience about important subjects ranging from massage to sex, and pain relief during labour to breastfeeding. This program is an honest, open and frank discussion about pregnancy and birth from a man’s point of view.

Have you been wondering what to do now she is pregnant?

Or how to prepare yourself to be as supportive as possible while she is giving birth?

If so, this program will equip you to be the very best you can be.

On the course, you’ll explore together with Mark how to harness the power of birthing hormones and how to remain calm and aware in the birthing room.

And there are more testimonials for the course here.

To find out more, you can go straight to the Birthing 4 Blokes home page using this link.

Or you can go to the Birthing4Blokes landing page right here.

And this link goes straight to Mark’s most recent article on Facebook to find out what he’s been saying.

Let me know how it goes!

Massive Love,

Kati x

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