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Kati Answers FAQ’s about KG Hypnobirthing

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Although KG Hypnobirthing is becoming more and more accepted, understood and dare I say it mainstream but many people still have no idea what it entails. Here I answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Birth You in Love KG Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation Programme. It’s a bit of a mouthful. Perhaps one day, I’ll get around to refining the title. I’ll add it to my list.

Here are some FAQ’s…

What is the aim of the birth preparation course?

To help women have the best birth experience possible giving their babies the best start in life. These sessions help to release any fears, anxieties, worries or doubts you may have accumulated over a lifetime of living in our culture. You will also learn birthing skills so you can be confident, calm, educated and well prepared when the big day arrives.Our understanding of birth has shifted in recent years and much ancient wisdom has been lost.
In general, we know so little about childbirth in our culture and I’m on a mission to resolve that!
“Kati and Wendy’s 2 day course was fantastic…. Watching videos of KG Hypnobirthing has been so inspirational! Now we know our options, we can choose the best birth for us.”  Lisa and Rik, Manchester
“This 2 day course is highly empowering and is held in a comfortable and friendly environment. We would recommend to anyone!” Lidia and Anthony, Ramsbottom
“One of my best decisions ever!!…. I recommend 100%, not only if it’s your first time but also if you didn’t have prior good birth experiences. It gave me confidence, strength and calm.” Claudia Tomassoni Martinez, Bury
“Thank you Kati for the brilliant hypnobirthing course…. It made all the difference and we couldn’t be happier.” Gem and Andy, Manchester.
“I can’t thank you enough for helping us to make mine, and most importantly, Isabelle’s birthing experience calm and full of love….we can’t recommend it enough to expectant couples. I can’t thank you enough,” Phil and Isabelle, Manchester

” We loved every session… and when I think about how fearful I was about birth before I started the course to having no fear and only excitement, it’s amazing! Our little boy was born at home with no medical intervention. Thank you!!!”   Faye and Marc, Manchester

How long is the course?

The course I teach is taught over 4 sessions  each of 3hrs: 12 hours teaching in all.

Do you teach shortened courses? I don’t have much time.

No, I don’t teach reduced courses (except for refresher courses for subsequent babies.) The course I teach has been developed over 14 years and is carefully crafted to give you everything you need to know to have an empowering birth experience. I’ve never had anyone who’s done the course who hasn’t been amazed by what they’ve learnt. I have experimented in the past with shortened courses but my feeling is that women who do shortened courses (to save time or money) tend not to get the same results.  I also know this from personal experience. With my first baby, I only did half a course as we were saving up for our first house. Although I had a great experience and nominated my midwife for Midwife Of The Year, I now realise there are many things I didn’t know. Had I have done a full course, chances are I would have been able to make that birth easier for myself and the baby and my partner would have been more prepared. I don’t think it’s fair to give my clients half measures. It is your birthright to have the best possible chance of birthing in the way you want so you can feel strong and empowered when your baby arrives.


Do you teach group courses as well as 1:1’s? Where are they held?

Yes, I teach either 1:1 private or group courses:
        *Private courses may be at your home or at my home in Ramsbottom.
        *Group courses are held in Tottington in a homely environment in small groups of no more than 4 couples
        Learning in a relaxing environment can aid relaxation and so you can more easily learn the skills you’ll need to birth your baby.

When is a good time to start?

I usually recommend that anytime from 20 weeks is a good time to start, although some people start sooner and I’ve had clients who come to me at 36+ weeks who have felt benefit.
How Can I Get The Best Results From the course?
1. To get the best from the course, it’s useful to spend a few minutes each day practicing the tools so they will become second nature when the baby. You will experience deep relaxation like never before and you will learn to put yourself in this state no matter what is going on around you. You will be in full control and will easily be able to snap out of it and ‘be normal’ (whatever that means!) if you need to!
2. I always recommend putting up your favourite birth affirmations in prominent places around the house; the ones that resonate with you. Seeing them each day will help you to more easily able to access this positivity when you need it.
3. Go back to point 1. Practice is key!

What will I learn on your course?

You’ll learn:

1.       simple breathing techniques to help you release any anxieties about birth or anything else that may be preventing you from being fully present

2.      a toolkit of other great techniques to enable you to feel relaxed and boost stamina, including great visualisations for birth which may be connected to the breath and affirmations (positive statements)

3.      the role of the birth partner so you’ll both feel connected, confident and relaxed. This can help with bonding during pregnancy

4.      an understanding of the importance of language, it’s relationship to birth which will affect how you think and feel about birth
5.       the areas to look at to enable you to make the best choices for you regarding where to plan your baby’s birth

6.      birth physiology, how the hormones work in labour

7.      how the environment impacts upon birth hormones

8.      what to do in the various ‘stages’ of labour

9.      the questions you need to ask to ensure your care is ‘woman-centred’ so you can stay in control

10.    where to look for any questions you may have


When are group sessions held? 

They are held monthly over one weekend, i.e. Saturday and Sunday:
    26th Jan – Sunday 27th Jan, 2018, 10-5PM
    23rd Feb – Sunday 24th Feb, 2018, 10-5PM
    26th March – Sunday 27th Jan, 2018 10-5PM


Group: £265 (inc all materials) Group sessions are held in an homely and relaxing environment in Tottington. I  teach these classes with midwife Wendy Warrington. We have no more than 4 couples. Price includes a shared lunch usually homemade soup, gourmet bread, fruit and homemade cookies throughout the day.
Private 1:1: £395 inc all materials  (held either at my home in Ramsbottom or I can come to you). Times are very flexible. They may be weekdays daytime or evenings or at weekends

Full Materials will be provided with the full course:

The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves

KG Hypnobirthing Parent E-Notes

KG Hypnobirthing Parent Paper-Notes can be provided on request at no extra charge
SPECIAL BONUS: The Birth You In Love Visual Slides which are unique to this course: these help especially if you are a visual learner and are a fantastic way to revise what you’ve learnt if you don’t have a great deal of time to do so.

I would love to support you on your way to the best birth experience possible for you both and your baby,

If you would like any more information about me or my services, you are welcome to call me on 07967 622884 or please see:

My website:       www.birthyouinlove.com

KG Hypnobirthing website:          www.kghypnobirthing.com

Facebook:           www.facebook.com/birthyouinlove

Instagram: www.instagram.com/birth.you.in.love

Twitter: @KatiBYIL  #birthyouinlove
KG Hypnobirthing is the UK’s training provider of choice for midwives and hospitals. There are many teachers throughout the UK. I am a Trainer for KGHypnobirthing and a Doula UK recognised doula. I have appeared on BBC Five Live and BBC Family Education discussing how doulas can support mums after trauma  and the ‘hypnobirth’ of my second child featured on the BBC1 documentary Childbirth All or Nothing.
Get in touch if you’d like more information or to book your space on one of our courses.

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