I’m Kati Edwards.

I believe our job as parents is to guide our children to help them be the best possible version of themselves.

To do this, we must understand them and connect with them.

There is no greater time to start this than in pregnancy.

I set up Birth You In Love in 2015 to help people bond with their babies in pregnancy and beyond.

Whilst the medicalisation of birth has it’s place, there is no doubt it is overused.

This is because the ‘system’ is not generally designed to support physiological birth.

The cultural ideology perpetuated by the patriarchy is that birth is dangerous, scary and must be controlled.

And yet, if we respect birth physiology and give the body and mind what it actually needs to give birth, most of us will have empowering, powerful and magical births.

And for the ones where luck is not on their side, we can be grateful we live in a climate where we have access to medical care if necessary

My work and my website is dedicated to helping women just like you prepare for your baby’s calm and safe arrival…

Preparing well for a positive birth experience will stand you in good stead for you to start parenthood feeling strong and give you skills for life.

Birth On TV

The birth of my 2nd child, featured on BBC1’s; Childbirth All Or Nothing. It’s a landmark documentary for childbirth education and a truly seminal piece of reporting.

I made the show because I wanted:

  • women to know birth can be prepared for
  • to show a different side to birth than the one usually shown in the mainstream media and;
  • what can happen when mums-to-be and their partners are really informed

How I Became A KG Hypnobirthing Teacher, a KG Hypnobirthing Trainer, a Doula and Birth Campaigner

I’ve been passionate about helping women have better birth experiences since the birth of my own first baby in 2011.

Before this I literally didn’t know anything about birth.

My own story is a bit of a turnaround because when I was first pregnant, I was not at all looking forward to giving birth.

In fact, I’d grown up with the idea, given to me by my mother, that birth was ‘the worst thing ever’.

I remember watching a video in high school of a women giving birth. She was lying on her back in hospital. It was really quite terrifying and definitely acted as contraception for me for a number of years!

And from what I’d seen on TV and the stories I’d heard from friends, giving birth was not something I was relishing.

When I was pregnant with my first, I went to my first appointment with the midwife. I was telling her about a programme I’d seen on TV, ‘Misbehaving Mums To Be.’ It was all about mums drinking and smoking and eating fast food all day long and I commented to her what an interesting job she must have, meeting all different kinds of people.

The midwife said she hadn’t seen that programme but had seen this other one called ‘One Born Every Minute.’ I’d never seen it. She said that I should watch it because it was ‘very realistic!’

I came home and the first thing I did was watch a couple of episodes.

It nearly tipped me over the edge!

The women I saw giving birth just didn’t look in control. They looked scared. They were giving birth on their backs on a hospital bed. It looked painful.

I remember thinking that somehow, something just didn’t look right.

What was going on?

‘Why can animals give birth easily and yet somehow, humans can’t?’ I thought.

‘Why can cats and dogs give birth in relative ease, by themselves and yet women are struggling to do it with all this medical intervention?’

I spent the rest of the day worrying about it and that evening, my husband came home from work and told me about something he’d heard about birth on the radio that day which sounded interesting.

He told me he’d heard about something called ‘HypnoBirthing’. I had no idea what it was but I thought it sounded like the kind of thing that would enable me to be in control.

It sounded interesting to me so I looked it up did some research and booked myself on a course.

And I was so grateful that I did, because it enabled me to have a really positive birth experience.

It was million miles away from the one my mum had had birthing me.

I felt strong, positive and empowered.

And ultimately, it changed the course of my career.

I became so passionate about helping other women, who were also nervous about birth, in the same position as I was, have great experiences too.

In fact, my first birth was filmed as well.

When I did the course, I saw women giving birth in calm for the first time. It blew me away!

I’d never seen a ‘hypnobirth’ before. These women were looked relaxed, in control. They were prepared. Armed with a toolkit of natural birth techniques. It was a far cry from the births I’d grown up with that were etched in my memory.

On the course, I asked my teacher, ‘are any of these births first time mums?’

‘No,’ she said.

‘Why?’ I asked. ‘Is it not possible for a first time mum to give birth in this way?’

‘Yes.’ she replied. ‘It is.’

‘Well, why are there no first time mums on these videos?’

‘No-one’s ever offered to be filmed,’ she replied.

I felt that it would have really helped me if I’d have seen a first time mum giving birth in calm so I offered for my first birth to be filmed so I could help other mums in the future.

After all the reading and the research I’d done, I was convinced that if I did the relaxation/ hypno practice as well as creating a birthing environment that was conducive to the process of birth and felt well supported by my caregivers, I’d be stacking the odds in my favour for birth to go well.

I knew it wasn’t just about the mindset work; the environment and my support had to be right too.

And so it was. My first birth was filmed to help other first time mums too.

I had an amazing birth experience and got to meet my baby happily and calmly.

This led me on a path where I just wanted to shout from the rooftops that birth doesn’t need to be horrible.

That birth can be amazing but there are things we need to implement in order for this to be the case.

We need to be aware of out options and choices and make the decisions that are right for us.

The truth is a lot of the decisions we make about birth are based on assumptions and if people are wanting positive birth experiences, we really can’t make any assumptions.

Although I’d made a good attempt to research my first birth, there were still things I didn’t know which if I had known, I’m sure would have made the birth easier.

Now, I dedicate my time to helping other women have positive and empowering birth experiences. I aim to leave no stone unturned and I give my clients all the tools they need to have a positive experience.

I am fortunate to have a job I love, helping mums and dads-to-be throughout Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire and all over the world (via Skype) to be relaxed and confident in the choices they make for their baby’s birth. I’m also a trainer for KG Hypnobirthing so I teach other birth professionals this wonderful calm birthing method.

As part of my mission, in 2013, I set up ‘Womb With A View’, a Positive Birth Space at festivals sharing knowledge about birth and connecting people with better birth information.

The Poetry Doula

As a result of being on the BBC1 show,  I began to be invited to speak at birth conferences. I was invited to speak at the Manchester Homebirth Conference and this snowballed and I’ve been invited to speak at birth conferences both nationally and internationally.

I’m also a spoken word artist and created a set of poignant birth poetry. I’ve performed at some of the major conferences including Women’s Right’s in Childbirth, Oslo, Norway, the MAMA Conference, Scotland, The Women’s Voices Conference held at The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London and the Doula UK Conference, London.

If you’d like to know more about my speaking engagements, spoken word poetry or you’d like to book me for a study day or conference, please click on the highlighted links.

These engagements have enabled me to link up with some of the greatest minds seeking to maintain normality in childbirth. I’ve spoken at conferences with many of my heroes and heroines of the birth world.

The photo below is when I spoke at The Women’s Rights in Childbirth Conference in Norway with Ina May Gaskin (left) and Dr Sarah Wickham (right) If you are planning a positive birth experience, I highly recommend you follow them too.

Ina May

Trainer For KG Hypnobirthing

I am on the training team for Katharine Graves’ KG Hypnobirthing programme. And so I not only train women and their partners how to use KG Hypnobirthing to make their baby’s births easier and more comfortable, but I train midwives, obstetricians, doulas, other birth workers and Hypnobirthing mums to teach hypnobirthing in hospitals and universities!

Kati Edwards

And I vlog quarterly for the respected All4Maternity’s Student Midwife Online Journal.

Student Midwife Journal

Getting Your Birth Partner Involved

I’m absolutely passionate about teaching birth partners how to be brilliant birth partners! Birth partners are usually dad, though not always.

You’re in this together and I want to start you off on your parenting journey on the right path, feeling empowered having had a really positive birth experience where you’re in control of what happens to you.

I can help you both stay connected and calm during the birth experience.

I’ll give you some KG Hypnobirthing scripts you can practice together and teach you some ‘triggers’ to help you relax.

Being relaxed gives your muscles the best chance to ease your baby out more comfortable and safely

The Best Information and Advice

I aim to make sure all my clients are fully informed about the choices available to them so you can make the best decisions.

If we have any midwifery questions that need answering, I make sure you get the best advice. I have access to an incredible network of midwives and health professionals to help you be fully informed.

Kati Edwards Cartoon

And When I’m Not Talking About Birth…

I’m mostly being mama to these two little monkeys; Matilda Rose and Seraphina Skye.

Matilda and Seraphina

I’m in Drum Machine, a drumming band based in Hebden Bridge. We play drum and bass, techno, electro and house but on Samba drums. It’s hands down the best hobby ever!

I’m also into babywearing, gourmet ice-cream, festivals and great food.

My Background

I graduated in 2000 with BSc Hons in Psychology and Criminology from Keele University and in 2014, gained an MSc in Advanced Practice Interventions in Mental Health from the University of Manchester. I worked within the NHS for 8 years and had several roles as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Neuropsychologist within Pennine Care NHS Trust so I have a good understanding of various therapeutic approaches including CBT and Mindfulness.

This provides me with a unique psychological perspective that can be applied to childbirth.

I believe the mind body connection is so important and yet it is lacking in the teaching within maternity services.

Some of my clients have had a previous mental health diagnosis and have found it hard to be listened to due to the perceived stigma by other health professionals. I help them to feel empowered and have the best possible birth experience.

I left the NHS in 2016 to help women and their partners through their baby’s births as an Independent Doula and Hypnobirthing Teacher.

I am a member of Doula UK which is the largest organisation of doulas in the UK and I was Ambassador for Doula UK in 2016.

If you would like to read some testimonials from previous clients, have a look here.

Look here for my Hypnobirthing Courses.

I want to be of service and help you have the best birth possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Please do give me a call. I speak to all my clients to make sure I’m the right birth teacher for you and you’re the right client. A chat before you  sign up will enable us to learn if we are a good fit for each other.

Massive Love,

Kati x

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