Welcome gorgeous mama,

I hope this page gives you a flavour of my Hypnobirthing course and answers any questions you might have but if it doesn’t just ask…

KG Hypnobirthing helps you to stay in control during your baby’s birth and if that’s something that appeals to you, read on.

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My mission is to make the world a better place and I believe this starts right at the beginning. At our baby’s births.

 I believe mothers and babies have a better start when they are born gently, into love and not fear and I believe Hypnobirthing has the answers.

Being informed and prepared is the key.


Not only have I used these techniques to stay calm and in control at my own babies births and taught countless couples these techniques, I am currently training to teach new KG Hypnobirthing teachers and am looking forward to becoming a fully fledged teacher trainer.

Should you do the course, you’ll learn about;

#your incredible mind

#how your body works

#the importance of the mind body connection in childbirth

#how to get the best from the maternity system we have

You will:

      • develop a toolkit of ‘tools’ and techniques to manage the sensations of birth
      • maintain calm by using the self-hypnosis techniques
      • take control of your birth experience in  a way that feels right for you
      • set up your support so your birth partner, if you have one, is your ultimate wingman (or woman!)
      • ask the right questions so you can make the decisions that are right for you
      • set up your environment so it is conducive to the birthing process
      • be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually so you get the best possible birth on the day
      • look forward to your babies birth knowing you’ve got it all covered and;
      • ‘stack the odds’ in your favour for you to get the kind of birth you want



To me, there is little else better than teaching these techniques and this knowledge and watching people have those a-ha moments.

 Most people don’t question the conveyor belt of care that’s on offer but if you’re the questioning sort, like me, you’ll want to be in possession of the facts so you can make your own decisions to make your baby’s birth flows as smoothly as possible.

Here, my gorgeous client, superstar first-time mum Anouska explains how Hypnobirthing helped her have a really fab birth experience…

I currently offer group courses [one weekend a month] and 1 to 1 sessions which can be taken over 2, 3 or 4 sessions.

FULL 12 HOUR GROUP COURSE; 225 POUNDS [Including all course materials, the Hypnobirthing Book, mp3 relaxation downloads]

[JUNE OFFER; with all group courses booked in June, you can buy Mark Harris’s 6 week Online Video Based Course for dads  called Birthing 4 Blokes for only 15 pounds – worth 97 pounds ;-]]

Dates: Saturday July 22nd/ Sunday 23rd   Flixton, Manchester

Saturday 2nd/ Sunday 3rd September       Flixton, Manchester

FULL 12 HOUR 1 TO 1 COURSE; 345 POUNDS [Including all course materials, mp3 relaxation downloads]

[JUNE OFFER; with all 1 to 1 courses booked in June, you’ll receive Mark Harris’s 6 weeks Online Video Based Course for dads worth 97 pounds absolutely FREE]

In addition, I offer a FREE half hour discovery call if you’d like to chat with me first to see if you think i can help you.

I offer payment plans too. We can get creative about how you can pay. Some women ask friends and family to club together to pay rather than buying loads of stuff you don’t need;-]

Please get in touch if you’d like to know about course timings or more information.

With Love and Super Birthing Vibes,

Kati x

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KG Hypnobirthing

KG Hypnobirthing


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