It’s Not Because




This poem It’s Not Because was commissioned  for The Birth You In Love Project.

It’s my signature poem although I actually can’t take all the credit for this one!

It was a collaboration between Kati Edwards (that’s me!) and the award winning Manchester based spoken word artist Ben Mellor.

At first, I was worried it was too contentious, but it turns out it’s the truth!

“Because birth happens best when it’s undisturbed

When it’s dark and it’s quiet and it’s unobserved”

As a society, we are not respecting the process of birth. We are creating more problems that need to be solved.

I was grateful to have performed this poem to Ina May Gaskin herself at an International Conference in Norway: Women’s Right’s In Childbirth: Take Back Control!

Ina May

Ina May Gaskin, me and Dr Sarah Wickham at my first International Birth Conference!

Feel free to get your mits on this gorgeous natural birth poster to inspire all those who read it.

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