The Being Midwife Poster – Full Version




Is this poster the Perfect Present for your midwife?

It’s the full version of the poem ‘The Being Midwife’ that went viral on facebook.

And it’s a great and unique gift for that special midwife.

It’s for mums who want something really special to give; a perfect present for a midwife

I’ve heard this poem acts as inspiration to help midwives continue to do what they do.

This poem helps midwives get up in the morning and remember why she does what she does; always putting the woman first. Before the boxes that need to be ticked. This midwife knows what it truly is to be a midwife.

This poem has been known to make midwives cry! (in a good way!)

I recommend writing your own message on the back to make it even more personal. This is a gift they will never forget.

The poster is available in A4 or A3.

It’s for the midwife who gave that little bit extra and helped in just the way you needed when you needed her most ?

The Perfect Present for a Midwife

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A4, A3


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