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Welcome to my site… I hope you like it here and learn lots about how you can help yourself during your baby’s birth…

I’m Kati. I teach Hypnobirthing in Manchester, Cheshire and worldwide via Skype and I’m a Doula UK  Recognised Doula. I’ve been dubbed ‘The Poetry Doula’ as my poems about childbirth have been published and performed at some of the leading conferences in the birth world!

And I’m mama to these two little monkeys; Matilda Rose and Seraphina Skye.

Matilda and Seraphina

I founded Birth You In Love in 2015 because I  believe passionately there are key things most women do not know about giving birth. If we knew about these things, not only would we have a better time when giving birth, but childbirth would be revered as the incredible sacred experience it is meant to be.

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And so, I’m proud to be part of a significant movement helping women to understand their rights and have better birth experiences.

When it comes to childbirth, there is no doubt women are getting a raw deal. In the modern birthing age, the physical is often valued more than the emotional. Maternity services are tied up in the NHS which would be fine with me if women were being provided with an absolutely first rate service.

But I don’t believe this is the case.

There are many amazing midwives and birthworkers working within the NHS but staffing levels, time pressures and policy and procedure not necessarily based on quality evidence is meaning that intervention rates are going up without corresponding increases in safety.

The World Health Organisation say that in the Western World the Caesarian Section rate should be no more than 12% and yet in many hospitals it is 26% plus. That means that 14% are unnecessary.

I work with women and their partners who are OK with intervention in childbirth if it really is necessary but would rather not be part of that 14%.

I am interested in providing my clients the time and space as well as clear guidance to help you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Time pressures are such that we rarely get a chance to explore our feelings around this hugely transformational event. There is less emphasis put on what we can actually do to support ourselves to have the best birth possible.

If you’ve watched any ‘hypnobirths’ on You Tube, you’ll notice the birthing environment is very calm and birth attendants are usually less hands-on than you may have seen before.

These women have simply learnt to access their ancient birthing system and are tapping into their innate wisdom so they can give birth safely and calmly.

This is what I teach. Although I am a bit of hippie at heart, the course isn’t hocus pocus (it’s based on logic and sense). The techniques are accessible and anyone can learn them. Even you!

If you are interested in learning to ‘hypnobirth’ for your baby’s birth, please get in touch.

I  run bespoke 1:1 courses, group courses and one-off power sessions.

My next 4 week group course starts in April 13th  2017 in Chorlton, Manchester.  You can reserve your space on the course.

You are to book a FREE 30 minute discovery call to see if you like my style of teaching.

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And When I’m Not Talking About Birth…

I’m into being a mum, gourmet ice-cream, trying to get more sleep, kundalini yoga (Russell Brand says it’s ‘the crack cocaine of yoga’, babywearing (it’s like a hands free kit for a baby), festivals, capoeira, hoop dancing and I play in a badass drumming band called Drum Machine. O and before I had kids, I was often to be found on the dance floor and have been known to think God really is a DJ 🙂 This doesn’t happen so often these days!


My Background

My academic background is Psychology. I graduated in 2000 with BSc Hons in Psychology and Criminology from Keele University and in 2014, I gained an MSc in Advanced Practice Interventions in Mental Health from the University of Manchester. I worked within the NHS for 8 years and had several roles as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Neuropsychologist within Pennine Care NHS Trust so I have a good understanding of various therapeutic approaches including CBT and Mindfulness.

This provides me with a unique psychological perspective that can be applied to childbirth. I believe the mind body connection is so important and yet it is lacking in the teaching within maternity services.

I left the NHS in 2016 to work as an Independent Doula and Birth Coach.

Do get in touch if you feel drawn to working with me. I’d love to hear from you.


Massive Love,

Kati x

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